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Chrystian Sears

Professor Batty

English 28

01 November 2018

For the K U L T U R E

Though some people may argue that it is important for immigrants to assimilate to American

culture, others may agree, along with my own opinion, migrants should keep their culture

when traveling to the United States. You may be asking, “Shouldn’t that decision be up

to the immigrants?” It is entirely up to them, but what will be discussed is why they

should obtain their culture upon arrival to the United States rather than assimilating

American culture​.

Of course, the culture of America is favorable for immigrants. Also, for people traveling

to the United States it would be very beneficial as well to assimilate. Opportunity is presented to

them when they sort of “fit in”, or gel with their surrounding rather than stick out like a sore

thumb. Being culturally diviated, a person may be subjected to dealing with racism and

discrimination on any given day in America where racism is very common. According to an

article, The “Model Minority” and Their Discontent: Examining Peer Discrimination and

Harassment of Chinese American Immigrant Youth, written by Desiree Baolian Qin, Niobe

Way, and Meenal Rana, a lot of this goes on within our school system and can be very

detrimental to the students’ mental health experiencing such things. “Recent research shows that

Asian American youth consistently report higher levels of peer discrimination and harassment in
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and out of school than their non-Asian peers.” (Desiree Baolian Qin, Niobe Way, Meenal Rana).

Going through discrimination not only on the street or at a simple convenience store but in our

schools as well where students should feel free and accepted is unacceptable. This could make

living in America very difficult and allows a person to question whether or not their culture is

worth enduring such hardship. Being resilient against such injustice and keeping a culture has

more benefits to be embraced than trading it in for a new one​.

When migrating to America, immigrants may not be able to travel with all of personal

possessions but one of the few things they can take with them is their culture simply because a

culture is not material things although it can be. Culture can be defined through music or art but

it can also be regarded as intellectual achievement and philosophy. With that being said, the

culture in America is so culturally diverse that you can not specify it without identifying the

numerous amounts of different cultures within America. In another article called Immigrants

Shunning the Idea of Assimilation by William Branigin, he states that multiculturalism is in fact

apart of America’s’ way of life. “The other aspects of traditional American core values are ones

that have been embraced by immigrant peoples as diversity and multiculturalism have taken root

in the United States” (William Benigin). All he is stating is the conventional values of America

is based on the engaging of different cultures and each one being accepted into American


There are many benefits of being surrounded by people who are culturally diverse.

Having differences within a working environment is very good for business and productivity

according to research from 13 Benefits and Challenges of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Hult Blog by Katie Reynalds. She also states that hiring people of multicultural backgrounds will
Sears 3

bring people of better skill and benefit from their success, it is a great opportunity for

professional and personal growth, and that diversity in a workplace will target a wide variety of

different markets. ” Making diversity an important part of the recruiting process will broaden

your talent pool of prospective employees. Not only does hiring from a more diverse talent pool

makes your business attractive to ambitious, globally minded candidates, it also helps you to

keep them on board.” (Katie Reynalds). By hiring people of contrasting cultures, it will in fact

improve organizations significantly and will keep people on board with your workforce.

As studies show, assimilating to American culture is not such a bad thing. As well as

retaining one’s own culture will not negatively affect a person as well. Personally, I believe

anybody has the right to be able to choose whether or not they keep or change their culture.

When it comes to deciding whether or not someone should adopt America’s culture, I suggest

they just keep their culture and continue to carry on the tradition of keeping the United States

culturally diverse. In a way, it is very important that immigrants keep their culture when coming

into this country. Their culture is the backbone of our multiculturalism and without that, who

knows where our society would be had we not observed, accepted, and adopted some new things

from migrants. Again, assimilating to American culture definitely has advantages of its own. For

example, an immigrant would blend right into society and do not raise any eyebrows due to

adapting a common way of life in America. Those who stick with their old culture have been

statistically proven to thrive and do better in this type of society. Yes, they will face hardship but

there is an obstacle in almost challenge we as people face. The one thing that almost all cultures

have in common is that we learn how to overcome these obstacles.

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