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2 Cyberjaya Recycling Centre

The Recycling Collection Centre was designed to be a green Certified Building and
used varied materials that are considered green or reusable (Azim A. Aziz & Hamidin,
2016). It's strategically located at a section of the Park and Ride facility with its
distinctive style and solar panel roof (Cyberview, 2018). Italy-based A’ International
Design Award and Competition has awarded Cyberjaya Community Recycling
Collection Centre the Silver A’ Design Award for Sustainable Products, Projects and
Green Design (Ng, 2017). The Cyberjaya Community Recycling Collection Centre is
operated by Alam Flora who reimburses Cyberjaya inhabitants for their separated
domestic waste, most of which is able to be deflected to recycling center rather than
landfills. The Centre also organizes recycling theme initiatives directly participating
businesses primarily based in Cyberjaya.

Figure 3.2.1 Cyberjaya Recycling Centre

The design involves a section of roughly 1,200 square foot that includes main
entrance, entrance hall and lobby, seating room, receiving center, prayer area, comfort
station and waste segregation space and storage area (WM, 2017). A playground
space was also enclosed among the built-up space. A mezzanine is another to
accommodate a section for used garments to be sold. The building is intended to face
North-South with minimum exposure to East and West sun. The roof is meant to tilt
Southeast for optimum exposure to the sun for future installation of solar panels. A
signature free-standing wall is incorporated into the building to act as a focus to spot
the building from far. It's engineered exploitation fly-ash concrete. A water harvesting
equipment was also installed to collect water for water irrigation. the entire building is
meant to be cooled using natural ventilation and fans. the highest of the walls are left
open for natural ventilation and also the walls are created semipermeable by the use of
recycled bottles, tins and bottles. The walls were designed to reflect the purpose of the
building. A specially designed wall was created using galvanized steel as a cage to act
as a wall. The ‘cage’ is operable to permit for the replacement of the bottles, plastics
and tins as we have a tendency to anticipate that because of exposure these materials
can fade once a while. The floorboards of the mezzanine floors and stairs threads are
created with reused railway sleepers. the complete site is made-up with interlocking
grass pavers and it's anticipated that in time, the grass can cowl most of the road areas.
this can scale back the warmth generated from the pavement if it's created out of
premix. one of the features of the recycling center is a drive-thru bin that allows for
the general public to drop their materials at the center after hours.
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