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In the education world today, there are many different theories, frameworks and

authors writing things for teachers to use and grow not only their pedagogy but also their
skills in the classroom. Students in many ways are similar to teachers in the sense that
everyone has an invisible backpack that they bring to school every day. People all have
baggage that they carry around whether that is grief, anxiety, depression or happiness and
joy. All communities face the same set of troubling problems, children are hurting and in pain
and educators are now more than ever in need of strategies and tools to help combat this
growing problem. (Holtzapple, 2011) Capturing Kids Hearts is a theory which revolves around
relating to the students before educating them, and in my opinion is crucial for managing a
Teachers are facing incredible challenges today trying to manage classrooms, keep
behavior down and teach more content than ever before. Teachers have more on their plate in the
sense of raising the bar for student performance all the while being more critically assessed and
receiving less funding. Capturing Kids’ Hearts theory allows a solution that turns these difficult and
challenging situations into something manageable and positive. There are five key things that
Capturing Kids’ Hearts hopes to accomplish in the classroom when students and teachers can
relate to each other. The five significant positive transformational benchmarks are as follows:
First there is a massive decrease in discipline problems. If students understand their
teacher and realize that they are all on the same team students do not act out as much and
instead focus on their learning. Secondly there is a big improvement in student success. Students
focus on their learning and try to do well not only for their teacher’s approval but also their peer
approval. Because students are learning more students attend class more and its more likely that
students will graduate. (Bludau, 2006) Finally, a big plus side of relating to students before
educating and following Capturing Kids’ Hearts theory is increased teacher satisfaction and
realization of a job done well.
It is both my professional and personal opinion that Capturing Kids’ Hearts theory is
important in schools and really works helping with classroom management. Understanding that
students are humans as well and each have their own difficulties, strengths, good and bad days
allows for an environment where students can shift their focus from procedural surface level
things and begin to take hold of their own learning and education.

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