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MCT/MST Lesson Observation

Student Teacher’s name: Reem Naser Grade Level: 4

Unit/Lesson: Choosing healthy snack Date: 29-10-2018
MST: Mari Lena MCT: Dr. Osama
E: Excellent G: Good S: satisfying M: Marginal US: Unsatisfying.
Competency Area E G S M US

Please tick the boxes using the overall assessment level descriptors
attached at the end of the document
Professionalism and Understanding *
Professional growth

planning for learning
 Planning activities *

and lesson aims
Implementing and Managing Learning *
Language and delivery
Classroom management *

Communication skills *

Monitoring and Assessment *

Critical Reflection *

Areas of Strengths:
Good discussion of what is healthy and unhealthy food.
Children were engage to give you answers.
I loved the planning idea the kids designed their own sandwich’s it
was engaging for them.
Areas of Improvement:
Cheek pronunciation of the words such “nutrients”.
Don’t put the kids down in the chart without warning- you should
give them 2 chances.
Make sure you are familiar with spelling and what you will write in
the lesson.
Make sure you know how to use active inspire to write on the