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M1: Evaluate different cross media

advertising campaigns for consistency

of message

Unit 20 LO1
Campaign 1: River Island #labelsareforclothes
I think the message of delivery throughout the River Island campaign is quite consistent across the
different advertising platforms. The main aspect of this campaign is the television advertisement, a
really fun, feel- good production celebrating diversity. This ad is very colourful, bold, and creative-
showcasing a huge variety of people and how they are all catered for by the company.

The more traditional methods of advertising this campaign has used e.g. billboard and posters, are very
similar to the television ad. They boast the same bright boldness and it could even be argues that they
are screenshots from the TV ad.

Social media is the third platform of this campaign- exact replicas of the posters being posted online on
twitter, facebook, and instagram. The same message is portrayed through all of the campaigns
advertising platforms- labels are for clothes. The consistency of message remains throughout.
Campaign 2: Lush ‘Anti Spy Cops’
This campaign is a little more sporadic in terms of consistency of message. The campaign is completely
unrelated to the brand and so linking Lush to it isn’t obvious. Much like the river island campaign, Lush
produced a short film/ ad depicting the betrayal these woman went through as they were deceived by
members of our country's police. This was very dramatic and very hard hitting- an incredibly effective
part of the campaign.

The most memorable part of the campaign however, was the displays in Lush windows across the
country. Very strong words and pictures were plastered across the front of these shops and the message
was not very clear and not easily construed. In my opinion (alike many others) it could be seen that Lush
as a company was attacking the entirety of our country’s police force- which obviously is ridiculously
malevolent and crude. Which is in fact not the point or aim of the campaign at all.

Therefore this leads me to decide that the consistency of message throughout this campaign really isn’t
there, as the short film is very descriptive and powerful- and at a glance seems to juxtapose the rest of
the campaign which is unfortunately very easily misinterpreted.
Campaign 3: Black Mirror ‘13 Days of Black Mirror’
Netflix as a company is always very good when it comes to advertising- and they didn’t fall short for the ‘13
Days of Black Mirror’ campaign. The main aspect of the campaign were little snippets of each episode being
released on each of these 13 days- sort of like mini trailers. They were very mysterious- just enough to
entice the audience into watching the new series.

The social media posts for this campaign were very similar in the sense that they were a series of interesting
yet mysterious images linked to each episode. I think the consistency of message was very apparent through
this campaign as each method of advertising maintained the same elements and aims. The message that
something dark is coming with the future of technology but not quite knowing what. Each element of this
campaign was easily recognisable as being for Black Mirror, and the message of delivery was carried
throughout all of the advertising platforms.