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Te eco SURI Ie} Sa CRL Steg) SAMUS Ame) It) “Oo MI a This is a magnetic crawler which can climb vertical and inclined surface suing strong magnets built inside the body ofthe robot, This crawior is useful in inspection and operations relating to surface quelity analysis, defect inspection or welding and ringing work on the ferromagnetic structures ‘The robot is internally powered by four strong geared motors ‘and pedometer sensor to track the motion increment The robot is rugged in nature and can climb on uneven surfaces as well This robot is useful inthe dirty and dangerous enviroments specially where manval inspection and operations are not possible. Features = Wheel "Motion Payload Magnets "Speed ‘Motion Resolution Cable Length "Robot Weight ‘= Attachements "=Remote Contral Material NDT/MDL/USonic Probes Ready MAGNETIC CRAWLER CAN CLIMB PLANAR NOFeB MAGNETS SURFACES, (OWN! DIRECTIONAL MOTION USING REMOTE CONTRE SPEED ‘lo Ma/SECONO PULLING Fos KG CAMERA GRINDER Four Whee! Drive Omni directional Upto 10 ke, NOFeB Magnets 10 mm/ Sec 10mm 10 /20 /30 Meter BKe Camera, Grinder, Welding Cable / Wireless ‘uminum Product Dimensions * LiBxH [15x10%2 Inches] Included Accessories =1 Robot = Digital Controller *2Remote Control [ Wired ] 10" Soreen *Camying Case *10 Meter Power Cable Overview «High Efficieny system = 0 Watts consumption only = Camera and Tool Mount Ready Cleanroom Options Available = Ultra Light [6 Ke] - Spacecraft Grade “= Aluminum Used in manufacturing "= Auto and Manual Mode ‘= Multiple Camera Option = Electromagnetic Gripper/Jaws Gripper Supported