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Abigail Garcia

RC 1000

Free Writes 11/30

What is on your plate?

I have to continue to slightly revise my draft checking for minor components such as
grammar, spelling, and punctuations. I was mostly focused this week in studying for my lab final
that I took Wednesday. Finals is quickly approaching I am attempting to find a routine in which I
can study but not become too overwhelmed.

Pick a piece from last week’s clip, how did the performance reading change the way you
experienced the text or heard that voice?

The performance that intrigued me the most was the spoken poetry that revolved around
the importance of the presence of a mother. The poetry starts off with a young girl being
promised a bicycle, which was something that was not granted by her mother. The performer of
the poem then dives into the presentation of the poem and uses her tone to portray the message
upon the audience. The poetry goes on to present how the young girl does not have her mother at
her side during major milestones in her life such as graduation. Evidently some of the woman
that are incarcerated are mothers who have left their children behind and are not able to fulfill
their roles within their family. The poem goes on to mention how the girl had felt at times that
her only remaining option would be to commit a crime in order to be alongside her mother. The
speaker then begins to cry and the words now have greater power and meaning than ever.

How do the bios at the end of the film shape the way you experience the text? Also, what kind
of bio would you attach to frame your work this semester? (5 minutes).

The biography of the women during the end of the film reframed my own stigma upon
those in prison. The stigma placed upon many prisoners is that they are almost viewed as
inhumane and have no matter in which they can undo the act that had lead them to prison. It is as
if they are left with a permanent label for themselves and are left to carry this label for the rest of
their life. However, the women writing their unique poems, share with the world their views,
thoughts, and feelings. They are indeed still human and we as humans do make mistakes along
the way. Many of the women’s biographies at the end of the film included their charge which for
most of the women was murder to some degree. However, despite their crime, they still express
sympathy and and empathy which shows that they are more then the label they are given. If I had
to compose a biography to frame the work I completed in the semester it would be my interest
and learning of social issues and injustices. Many of the material presented in the course really
fueled my interest in learning about those who are oppressed or silenced. Eventually these
thoughts and free writes allowed me to create the topic I choose to pursue in my essay draft.

What should a course portfolio accomplish?

A course portfolio should be a guide towards initiating the writing process or experience.
Every little piece comprising the whole portfolio matters. It is where thoughts are placed on
Abigail Garcia

RC 1000

Free Writes 11/30

paper and those thoughts are then turned into literary works such as poems, narratives,
arguments, and much more. Each work included in the portfolio is an idea that has the possibility
to expand and be explored in depth.

How is a process in the creation of the portfolio serve as a purpose in an academic context?
The creation of a portfolio is where all the ideas are sprawled in a rather disorganized
fashion but yet serve a purpose as to initiate an interest to the writer. Out of all the ideas
portrayed through the writing exercises the writer selects one that inspires and motivates them
for further analysis.