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Supplemental Notes:

The Feasts of Israel, set by God, are not
only commemorative in a historical context,
but are also prophetic. The first three
feasts in the 1st month point to the
Messiah’s First Coming; the last three
feasts in the 7th month, to His Second Com-
ing. The middle feast highlights the Church,
in more ways than is generally recognized.
This briefing reveals the rich background
of these feasts with many surprises for the
Biblical believer, and yet only scratches the

© 1994 Koinonia House Inc.

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The Feasts of Israel Passover

The ultimate teaching aid (Mt 5:17; Rom 15:4). Commemorates deliverance from Egypt (Ex
Law = tutor (Gal 3:24-25) 12:1-14; 43-48; Lev 23:5).
Feasts prophetic (Col 2:16, 17)
NT in OT concealed; OT in NT revealed. Israel = “my firstborn” (Ex 4; 21-23). God pre-
dicted deliverance 430 years earlier
Calendar (Gen 15:13-16—to the day!).

• Pope Gregory XIII, 1582: 365 1/4 days Lambs observed: 10th - 14th.
• Jewish day starts at sunset Slain “between the evenings” of 14th.
• 360-day calendar: All ancient calendars change [Friday 13th: Egyptian (Gentile) calen-
701 B.C. (See Signs in the Heavens.) dar (Veilikovsky).]
• Lunar calendar: 11 1/2 days shorter.
• Intercalary months: leap years of 13 months: Entire lamb to be consumed; nothing left to
3rd, 6th, 11th, 14th, 17th, 19th leap years. the next day (Ex 12:1-13; Lev 23:4,5).

Feast Days (Lev 23; Num 28-29; Deut 16) Originally killed by head of household, not
priests; transferred to the Temple (Deut
God set their feast times (Lev 23:4); mowar =
“to keep an appointment”; “holy convocation”;
Not a bone to be broken (Ex 12:46; Num 9:12;
migraw = rehearsal.
Ps 34:20).

Feasts Jesus
Passover First introduced as Lamb (Jn 1:29, 36). Our
Feast of Unleavened Bread Passover (1 Cor 5:7); only one of all?
Feast of First Fruits (Ex 12:6 “” (Isa 53; Ps 22).

+ 49 days: Feast of Weeks (Shavuot) 10th of Nisan: Jn 12:1 (6 days before).

Tishri Observed (Mt 21:23-27; 23).
Pilate: “I find not fault in him” (Jn 19:4).
Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) Without blemish (1 Pet 1:18-21).
Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) “No bones broken”: Jn 19:31-33, 36.
Feast of Tabernacles (Succoth)
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Bedikat hametz: ritual search for leaven... Feast of Unleavened Bread
Matzah: pierced, striped?
Three: middle one broken = Hag haMatzah (Lev 23:6-8)
aphikomen; half wrapped in cloth and
hidden? (One of three feasts which were compulsory:
Deut 16:16.)
Nothing to be left (Ex 12:10). Blood
provided life (Lev 17:11; Mt 26:27, Leaven
Type of sin: corrupts by puffing up
Four cups:
OT: Ex 12:15; 13:7; Lev 2:11; 6:17; 10:12
“Bring out”
NT type: Mt 16:6; Lk 13:21; 1 Cor 5:6-8;
Gal 5:7-9.
“Taking out”
[Cf. Woman and the leaven? Mt. 13:33.]
Jesus “made sin for us”: 2 Cor 5:21; 1
Jn 3:5.
Wine mixed with warm water?
Mishna, Pes. VII 13; John 19:34.
“I Am the bread of Life”: Jn 6:32-35; 47-
Passover Lamb = “His Body.”
Haggadah = “showing forth” (Ex 13:8).

Application Other Bread Models

His blood on the doorposts of our heart:
1 Jn 1:7; 1 Cor 15:51-57; Eph 2:13;
Melchizedek: Bread and Wine (Gen 14)
Jn 5:24.
[Who gives to whom?]
Uncircumcised could not participate;
Joseph: Baker (broken)
of heart: Deut 10:16; Jer 4:4; Gal 3:26;
Wine Steward (redeemed) Gen 40
Phil 3:3; Rom 2:28-29; Gal 6:15; 2 Cor
Frees from the old life, bondage; call to sepa-
ration (Eph 4:22). Clothes make the
man! (Rom 12:1,2).

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Feast of First Fruits Passover: 14th of Nisan
1st month of the religious year;
Lev 23:9-14 (“on the morrow after the Sab- 7th month of the civil year.
bath...”) First fruits: representative of
the entire harvest. How long was Christ in the grave? 3 days.

Egypt: 3 days into the desert, Resurrection, our “new beginning” in Christ:
Red Sea: delivered from death unto life! 14 + 3 days = 17th of Nisan, 7th month
on the Genesis calendar!
Jesus = Fulfillment
Our new beginning in Christ was on the anni-
versary of the earth’s “new beginning”
1 Cor 15:20-23; Mt 27:52-53?
under Noah!
Eph 1:6; Rom 11:16 (Cf. Job 19:25-26)
Also, Israel’s beginning, crossing of the Red
Application Sea on the 17th of Nisan (3 days into
the desert).
Gal 2:20; Rom 6:11-14; Jas 1:18.
When did Noah’s “new beginning” start? [In their flight after Passover, Israel retrieved
(Gen 8:4). the body of Joseph from his tomb (Ex 13:19-
20). After Passover, Jesus was retrieved from
Two Calendars: Ex 12:2 another Joseph’s tomb on this anniversary.]

Months Old New Friday or Wednesday?

Tishri (Ethanim) 1 7
Controversy: outstanding scholars on both
Cheshvan (Bul) 2 8
sides of the issue. Many defend the church
Chisleu 3 9
tradition of “Good Friday.” Others, probing the
Tevet 4 10
complexities of the various “Sabbath” obser-
Sh’vat 5 11
vances, argue for the Wednesday, with the
Adar 6 12
complete “3 days and 3 nights”:
Nisan, Aviv 7 1
Ilyar (Zif) 8 2
The Sign of Jonah; Mt 12:40
Sivan 9 3
Tammuz 10 4
Av 11 5
Elul 12 6

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Final Week
Friday: At Bethany
6 days before the Passover (Jn 12:1)

Saturday: Triumphal Entry

Mt 21:5; 12, 17; Mk 11:7, 11; Lk 19:28

Sunday: The Fig Tree Cursed

Mt 21:18; Mk 11:12

Monday: Conspirators counsel

Mt 26:2; Mk 11:20; 14:1; Lk 22:1

Tuesday: Last Supper

Mt 26:17; Mk 14:7; Lk 22:7

Wednesday: Crucifixion
Jn 19:14, 31, 42; Mk 15:42; Lk 23:17, 54

Thursday: Beginning of Feast of Unleavened

Bread (Lev 23:4-8 lasts seven days; 1st and
last days are Sabbaths); Mt 27:62; Lev 23:6-7
[Jewish year includes seven Sabbaths, in ad-
dition to the Saturday Sabbaths.]

Friday: Women prepare spices

Saturday: “and rested...” Lk 23”56;

“after the Sabbaths...” Mt 28:1 >6:00 PM

Sunday: He is risen. The new beginning.

Mt 28:11; Mk 16:1; Jn 20:1

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The Feast of Weeks “Trumpet of God”: only 2X in Bible:
Giving of the Torah at Sinai (Ex 19:13, 16).
Hag Ha Shavuot Rapture (1 Thess 4:16).

Also, Hag Ha Kazir, The Feast of Harvest Enoch Tradition

(“the 1st Harvest)
Born 6th of Sivan.
Lev 23:15-22 (Cf. Acts 2)
Translated (raptured) 6th of Sivan.
“morrow after Shabbat after Passover”
(Note Noah’s flood analogy, below.)
= First Fruits + 50 days
(Greek: Pentecost)
[Earliest prophecy in the Bible by Enoch (of
the Second Coming!) Jude 14, 15.]
One of 3 compulsory (Deut 16:16)

Fulfillment: Jn 14:23, 26; Acts 1:8; 2:1-47. Israel and Church are Distinct

Birth of Israel Seventy Weeks, by Gabriel (Dan 9:24-27)

9:24 Scope of prophecy
9:25 69 weeks
Giving of the Torah (Ex 19).
9:26 (Interval, or “gap”)
(Thus also called “The Feast of Revelation”)
9:27 70th week
Passover: 14th of Nisan;
(See Daniel’s 70 Weeks briefing package.)
Crossing of Red Sea +3 = 17th of Nisan
3rd day of 3rd month: 46 days
Church hidden in OT (Eph 3:3-7)
Moses to prepare for the 3rd day: 49 days
Luke 4:18, 19 vs. Isaiah 61:1,2 and note
(Note: Death of David on 6th of Sivan?)
Same gap between Rev 12:5 and 6. (Is
Birth of the Church: Acts 2
the Man-child the ascension of the Body
Compare closely: Ex 19 and Acts 2
of Christ? or are both in view?)
Israel temporarily set aside:
2 loaves of leavened bread (integrated? not
Luke 19:42 vs. Rom 11:25
offered on altar)
(A Gentile rapture on 6th of Sivan could
restart the clock for Israel?)
2 lambs offered (Jew + Gentile? Law vs. Grace?)

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Feasts of Trumpets Day of Atonement
Yom Teruah Yom Kippur

[Rosh HaShannah (“Head of the Year”) 10th of Tishri

= Jewish New Year] (Lev 16:1-19; 23:26-32; Heb 9:1-16)

Lev 23:23-25 (Torah = 1 day; 2nd day added Most solemn of all feasts.
about 500 B.C.)
High priest: only day he enters the Holy
Teki’at shofar: ram’s horn; not silver Temple of Holies; sprinkles the Mercy Seat.
Shofar: Isa 58:1; 27:13. God, who “dwelleth between the cheru-
Akedah: substitutionary ram. bim,” looking down on the broken law,
left horn = “first trump.” is propitiated (hilasterion, Gr.) by the
right horn = “last trump.” shed blood (of Christ). (Heb 9:1-16)

3 series of 10 blasts each. Two goats: azazel, scapegoat (Lev 16:20-

final blowing of 10 blasts 34; Mt 27:33; 2 Cor 5:21; Isa 53:6; 52:15)

Teki’ah Gedolah, “the great blowing.” [Lottery box for the Third Temple avail-
not short blasts (= “alarm”). able for viewing at the Temple Institute
but long blasts = victory! in Jerusalem.]

“The Last Trump”? (1 Cor 15:51-52) Red Heifer (Num 19; Heb 9:13)
Note: 7th trumpet judgment of Revela- Cf. Jn 2: water of purification to wine!
tion not “last” since trumpets will be
blown in Millennial Temple, etc. Veil: 4 inches thick (Josephus)
Rent: Mt 27:50, 51; Heb 10:10, 14, 17-
(But 1 Thess 4:16-18: The Trump of God 22; Isa 52:14, 15.
only here and in Ex 19. See page 13.)
(Loss of Temple for 19 centuries, dilemma:
Yomim Noraim - Days of Affliction Lev 17:11, etc. no altar; no shedding of blood
Threshing floor idiom? (Lk 3:16, 17) = man-centered, good works system of appease-
Ruth (Gentile bride) at Boaz’s feet (the ment—prayer, charity, penitence...)
kinsman-redeemer) during the thresh-
ing floor event (Ruth 3:8-9)

Page 14 Page 15
Feast of Tabernacles Rapture: (1 Cor 15:51; 1 Thess 4:13-16; Jn
Succoth (“Booths”) 11:21-26)

“Rapturemania”: Since early years of the

15th of Tishri: 5 days (grace?) after Yom Kip-
church: Ignatius, Polycarp, Justin, Augustine,
pur (Lev 23:33-44) Compulsory (Deut 16:16).
and others evidenced various views of His im-
minent return during their lifetimes.
Temporary dwellings: 7 days + special sabbath
Gaps in sides, roof = wilderness wan-
Specific dates were predicted:
derings... (Feast = “rehearsal”)
Joahchim of Flores in 1260;
Militz of Kromeriz in 1365;
After the week, leave temporary dwellings for
Joseph Mede, 1660;
permanent (Hos 5:15-Hos 6:3; Zech 14:4, 9, 16).
John Napier, the famed mathematician,
in 1688;
Pierre Jurieu of France, 1689;
Lulav willow: no fragrance, no fruit
William Whitson, 1715;
myrtle: fragrance, no fruit
then 1734;
palm: no fragrance, fruit
then 1866;
Ethrog citrus: fragrance + fruit
J. A. Bengal, 1836;
(Cf. Mt 13:3-9; 18-23; Rev 7:9)
Joseph Worlf, 1847;
William Miller, 1843;
Trees = men (Ps 1; Dan 4)
then again Oct. 22, 1844;
C.T. Russell, 1874;
Jn 7:2, 20, 37-39; from Rock (1 Cor 10; Rev
E.C. Wisentant’s “88 reasons for 1988.”
21:3-6; 38).
Predictable? Mt 24:36; 25:13; Mk 13:22; Mt
Sacrifices: 13 bulls, 2 rams, 14 lambs, 1 kid
13, 12, 11... for 7 days = 70
(Cf. Gen 10, 70 nations; Talmud)
Protection? “The whole counsel of God.”
(Solomon dedicated the Temple on Feast of

Harvest = gathering the fruit (Deut 16:13)

Transfiguration during Feasts of Booths?

Cf. Peter: build 3 “succoths”? (Mt 17:4).

Page 16 Page 17
Rapture Models in the Bibliography
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* * *
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