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T312 – 600150 – 02R written 02SEP2018

- Press new bearings into the three (3) planetary gears and press the needle bearing into the nose cone.
- Take the three planetary gears and six (6) plastic spacers and press into the planetary carrier (each gear has a plastic spacer
above and below each gear)
- Pack the center section of the planetary carrier with grease – use a suitable clean tool to force the grease into the center.
- Insure all parts are present and are clean and free from dirt/debris
- Polish all shaft bearing surfaces
- Install the two larger sized and one medium sized o-rings on the bendix piston
- Install long spacer and press on the lip seal to stretch it
- Take the turbine shaft and start the 6202-13 v v bearing
- Take the first stage nozzle and tap in the seal flush with the surface
- Install the bearing/shaft assembly with the long spacer into the 1 st. stage nozzle. Insure the shoulder of the spacer is to the seal
and insure the seal lip is flush with the spacer.
- Install the four (4) hole plate and associated bolts using a 3/16” Allen key – insure the spacer does not fall out
- Install the saved woodruff key in the shaft and install the 1st. stage rotor – insure the “bucket points” orient with the vanes.
Consult with shop lead if not sure.
- Insure the rotor fit is not too sloppy – consult if not sure.
- Install outer o-ring on the nozzle assembly
- Swap pipe plug from old containment ring into new containment ring (if need be). Discard containment ring if it is an old style –
consult if not sure.
- Install lip seal flush into containment ring with lip facing up towrad the inlet side
- Install the two (2) jacking thread plugs into housing
- Moly 55 lube the outer nozzle ring and inlet opening
- With the bolt holes aligned only one way, install the nozzle assembly into the containment ring and install the five(5) bolts
- Flip assembly over – install the spacer and using two standard screwdrivers, push over the lip seal
- Install the two saved wave washers
- Install the 6201 – 13 v v bearing using an M12 washer to drive on bearing
- Install the next saved woodruff key
- Install the 2nd. Stage rotor – insure correct vane alignment – consult if not sure
- Install the fine thread rotor clamp nut using red Loctite
- Insure everything spins freely with no grinding sounds – consult if not sure.
- Install gear box o-ring and install ring gear – pack with grease to 1/3rd. full
- Install the lip seal (from the kit) into the inner piston – lip faces the o-ring end of piston.
- Install o-ring into the bottom of the gear box cover – insure the o-ring seats into the grooved land
- Moly 55 lube the big outer o-ring on the inner piston
- Install the inner piston into the gear cover housing
- While keeping a slight pressure on the piston to insure the o-ring does not fall out, align the bolt holes and install the four (4)
- Moly 55 lube the outer piston o-rings and housing bore
- Installing only the one way, install the piston and push all the way to the bottom
- Place a slight amount of grease around bottom of planetary shaft
- Install housing onto planetary shaft with the gears at the flanged end
- Install the two saved thrust washers and saved snap ring – insure proper seating of snap ring
- Install the two (2) plastic rings on bendix assembly
- Install the o-ring onto the nose cone and Moly 55 lube it
- Install planetary set o-ring (outer)
- Install planetary set into gear box – insure proper alignment
- Install the four (4) bolts
- Slightly grease the splines on the shaft and install the bendix assembly into the housing
- Install large spiral spring and insuring proper housing alignment, install the nose cone.
- Test piston operation by using shop air on inlet port
- Test unit using only slight shop air pressure.
- Mask and cap appropriate areas and paint unit blue.