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Introduction to Run-On Sentences

What is a Run-On Sentence.

Definition: A run-on sentence brings together at least two independent
clauses without a conjunction or enough punctuation mark. An independent
clause holds a subject and a verb, and could basically be a sentence by

Run on sentences - Points to be remembered:

• Barely since a sentence is very tenacious, does not make it a run-on

• A sentence is said to be a run-on sentence only if it holds more than
one idea which is accomplished.

Method of composing a run on sentence:

• If you put forward two sentences (or independent clauses) collectively

without commas, semicolons, or associating words, you've a run-on
• If a sentence isn't concluded the right way, the substance designated to
be brought may be misinterpreted or may go through as something
additional. From time to time it may so happen that the meaning is
simply inexplicable.

Note: Punctuate and put together two or more sentences, and create a
single sentence in order to form a run-on-sentence.

Types of Run-on Sentences

There are two cases of Run on sentences, they are-

• Fused Sentences
• Comma Splice

Example of Run on Sentence

Examples of Run-On Sentences

Consider the following sentences:

1. John enjoyed touring a lot, but he felt that it was too blistering to do so.
2.The ladies played badminton; however, the girls represented lawn tennis.
3. Roger enjoyed traveling to Italy; however, Morgan favored to stay in
4. At a time few people had enough knowledge to compose books, and few
people could read them.
5. Lisa and Kevin had a sugarcoat making up unit; yet they didn't process to
make skilful candies, so they employed an proficient.
6. Andrew is a good boy; he genuinely loves looking of bruised animals.
7. It was a beautiful morning; there wasn't an exclusive cloud in the blue
8. On being sent to the student lodging, Rebecaa, who had persisted so much
dependent for everything on her female parent and maids, found herself,
initially at a loss.
9. The mischievous boy attended the movies, and he spent a lot of money on
10. We went to see the football match, but it rained down, so we settled to
come back right away.
11. I gave a Science test; since I desired to see if I was clever enough.
12. Stuart is replying questions consistently; he signifies to join the
outsourcing business firm.
13. The trekkers settled to camp out in the desert region, although they could
have continued trekking more till nightfall.
14. These are the causes, that have led the U.N.O. to call October 16., as
World’s Food Day.
15. Timely action may need a little effort, but yields high results, there by
making the efforts worthwhile.