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TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Content Subject English

Grade Level Ninth Grade

Learning Objective 9.1 The student will make planned

The objective of the lesson is what students will be
able to do as they finish the activity. For this oral presentations independently
objective, use the Standards of Learning (SOL) to say
what you want to focus on.
and in small groups
You can find the SOLs at look on the right
of the screen for the subjects and go from there.

Pedagog Activity Describe what the learning activity will This learning activity will get students
be. What will the students and the teacher be doing?
y involved in creating their own Public
(This includes what they are doing with the
technology). Service Announcement on a subject
they feel is valuable. The activity will
begin by the teacher explaining the
different tools of persuasion in order to
create a clear and effective message.
The the teacher will show an example
of what a Public Service
Announcement looks like. After, the
students will pick a subject of their
choice to create their own public
service announcement and create a
presentation. Relating to the SOL
standard, the students should be able
to give an effective presentation using
technological tools, references, correct
spelling and grammar, and supporting
details to strengthen their main idea;
therefore, they are creating a public
service announcement that
encompasses each of the standards
listed. The students will be using In the public service
announcement, students will include
the following information:
● The main topic of the
● Relevant information about the
○ Statistics
○ Factual evidence
○ Scholarly opinions
○ Emotional appeal
○ Societal views
○ Why you chose your
○ Why should your topic be
of concern?
● Visual images that incorporate
the main idea and supporting
● Correct citations for any
information or pictures

Technolo Technology

Name of the device and/or programs being used.
(The description of what the students will be doing
with the technology will be included in the
pedagogy/activity section).

Directions for Use 1. First open the internet

Please provide step-by-step instructions for your
2. Then type in the URL
students to use the tool to complete their
assignment. Depending on the age of your
student, this might begin with 1. Click on Earth to
open the Internet. Etc..
3. When you get to the website,
click on the Get Started tab in
the right hand corner
4. From there, you will click on the
tab that says Basic (on the left
hand side)
5. From there you will click the
continue tab on the free version
of Prezi (Basic)
6. From there you will create an
account with Prezi including
your name, email, and a
password you create. Then click
Create Account
7. The page will then ask about the
purpose of your Prezi. Select the
student tab
8. You will then pick a theme that
you like best (keeping in mind it
should be appropriate for your
9. You will then give a Title to your
presentation (ex. Sammi’s PSA)
10. Each slide of your presentation
should cover each of the
requirements listed above
11. Additionally, each slide should
contain media such as images,
sounds, or videos
12. When finished, click File, and
then Save. Exit out of the server.
Link to the example product

Before you submit, delete the explanatory text (the text in small italics).