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Lesson Plan Template

Title of Lesson: Percussive Pods (Music Calzones) (Jingle Jangle Ravioli)

Teacher: Amal Ghanimah, Elizabeth Chong
School: University High School
Grade Level[s]: 9-12
Date to be Taught: November 13, 2018

Big Idea that drives Lesson/Unit:

Students will learn the fundamentals of ceramics and functionalities behind key elements such as texture, form,
purpose, and composition. Students will learn how to integrate the subject of music into their artwork, while still
abiding by the necessary steps to properly work with clay.

Fine Arts Goals Met by the Objectives:

 VA:Cr1.1.I – Use multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors
 VA:Cr2.3.7 – Apply visual organizational strategies to design and produce a work of art, design, or
media that clearly communicates information or ideas
 VA:Cr2.1.8 – Demonstrate willingness to experiment, innovate, and take risks pursue ideas, forms, and
meaning the emerge in the process of art making or designing.

Vocabulary Acquisition:
 Texture: The surface quality of work
 Found Object: Objects or products that are not normally considered materials from which are is made
 Imprint: mark made by pressing something onto a softer substance so that its outline is reproduced
 Leather hard: (of unfired pottery) dried and hardened enough to be trimmed or decorated with slip but
not hard enough to be fired.
 Score and slip: to scratch hatch marks into it as part of joining clay pieces together

Key Artistic Concepts:

 Texture
 Cutting slabs
 Form
 Stamping
 Slipping and Scoring

Artmaking Materials Needed:

 Clay (enough for ~15 students)

 Needle Tools
 Found objects
 Slip

Contemporary/Historical/Multicultural/Literature exemplars:
 Ocarina
 Barry Hall–globular horns, made with stoneware clay
Blick example video of percussive pods (

 DISCUSSION: (4 minutes)
o Schedule

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Lesson Plan Template

 Remind students that today is a work day dedicated to putting the pod together. Next
class, the pods should be completed, if not, almost completed with only finishing
touches needed
 Today will be spent forming our slabs and adding texture.
 DEMONSTRATIONS: (6 minutes)
o These are the techniques we will be using on this projects
 Demonstrate cutting slab, adding basic texture, and slipping and scoring
 DESIGN/WORK SESSION: (25 minutes)
o Students will cut their slabs using the needle tool
o Students will add texture using found objects
o Students will slip and score pods closed with beads inside
o Reminder that they should have a hole in their pod to allow air to escape during firing.
o Questions/Comments asked by teachers:
 Are you running into obstacles as you work? How do you plan on problem solving?
 How have you efficiently used your time as an artist? Do you feel that there may have
been other ways to get the same outcomes in a more effective way?
 CLEAN UP: (7 minutes)
o Cover and spray if unfinished
 If finished, leave out to dry
o Clean and put away tools
o Wipe down tables and put away extra clay scraps
 CLOSURE: (3 minutes)
o In our last class on Thursday, we’ll work on finishing touches in the beginning of class and have
a critique on our finished pods.

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