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Creating Your Own Dystopia - Rubric

Elements 1 2 3 4
The backstory shows
The backstory is some organization The backstory is
The backstory is
missing, unorganized, and includes minimal clearly constructed
clearly constructed, is
unclear, or minimal. It description of the and organized, is
interesting, and
is unclear as to how creation of the interesting, and vividly
depicts the creation of
the dystopia was dystopia. The story is depicts the creation of
Backstory the dystopia. It is clear
created. Little to no generally entertaining, the dystopia. Great
that effort went into
effort went into the and it is clear that a effort went into the
the creation of this
creation of the moderate amount of creation of this
dystopia. effort went into the dystopia.
creation of this
The Bill of Rights The Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights is
The Bill of Rights is shows organization shows extensive
missing or incomplete.
somewhat organized and thoughtful organization and
It includes fewer than
and includes at least 7 planning. It includes at planning. It includes
7 of the 10 required
of the 10 required least 8 of the 10 all 10, if not more,
laws, was not
Rights laws for citizens. It required laws. It laws for the dystopia’s
constructed to look
shows moderate resembles a citizens. The
like a document from
creativity and document that would document is time
the community, and
construction. be appropriate for the specific and fits in with
reveals no depth.
setting/theme of the the theme/setting of
dystopia. the dystopia.
The setting is missing The setting is The setting is The setting is vivid,
or undeveloped. No somewhat description descriptive and shows thoughtful, and well
Setting fine details are but lacks details and structure. Some fine developed. Great
included and little to depth. Moderate effort details are accounted attention to detail is
no effort is apparent was put forth. for. visible.
Government is Government is Government is highly
Government is
Govern- missing or somewhat developed developed and shows
developed but lacks
ment undeveloped. Little to and shows only great attention to
attention to details.
no effort. minimal effort. details.
Citizens are Citizens are Citizens are
Citizens are missing somewhat developed, developed but lack interesting and well-
or undeveloped. Little but lack depth and depth. They may be developed. They are
Citizens to no effort went into interest. Minimal effort easy to relate to but easy to relate to and
their creation. was put forth in their they are expendable essential to
creation. to the story. understanding the
Infractions are Infractions are present Infractions are Infractions are well
missing or but are random in thoughtful, but may thought out and
Infractions undeveloped. Little to nature. They lack a lack a connection to logical to the dystopia.
no effort went into connection to the the plot/dystopia. Well developed.
their creation. dystopia.
The author shows
Protagonist is present
Protagonist is present great attention to
Protagonist is missing and the author
but description is detail on the
or undeveloped. The provides enough
ineffective and lacks protagonist and
Protagonist author shows little details on how the
details on how he/she successfully shows
attempt to make the protagonist shines a
shines a light on the how the protagonist
character relatable. light on the problems.
problems. draws attention to the
Character is relatable.


Elements 1 2 3 4
The work is highly
The work is not very
creative. The ideas/
creative. The ideas are The work is
The work is creative. materials/methods
clichéd, leading to a somewhat creative.
The ideas /materials used are imaginative
flat and predictable The ideas/materials
Creativity /methods used are and effective. There
performance. There is /methods used show
effective. A voice and is attention to detail.
little sense of the signs of imagination
style are present. A clear and confident
creator’s touch, voice, and personal style.
voice and style are
or style here.
Audience has difficulty
Audience cannot Presents information in
following presentation Presents information in
Organiza- understand presentation logical, interesting
due to a lack of logical sequence which
tion because there is no sequence which
organization of the audience can follow.
sequence of information engages the audience.
requirements in a
Reveals some of the Reveals most of the
Does not reveal required sophisticated way. May
Content requirements. Some requirements but not
elements. miss some
are not presented effectively.
requirements but does
not affect the content.