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Explain breaks and transistor stuck-on and stuck-open fault in CMOS circuits with
2. Explain various types of bridging faults with examples
3. Explain Simulators. List and explain types of simulators
4. Write short notes on Tristate logic
5. Write short notes on various Delay models at Gate level with example
6. Write short notes on Oscillation control
7. What is a static hazard and how does a simulator detect a static hazard
8. Explain the concept of Element Evaluation
9. What is temporary fault? Draw state diagram of Markov model and explain
10. Why VLSI Testing? Discuss in detail about testing philosophy
11. Explain how faults are modeled in digital circuits
12. What are temporary faults? Also explain how they are detected
13. Discuss about VLSI technology trends which affect testing
14. Explain the role of testing
15. Explain delay faults with an example
16. Explain the various fault modeling used. Explain the advantages and disadvantages
of each
17. Write a short notes on Event Driven simulation
18. Write a short notes on Element evaluation
19. Write short notes on delay models
20. What are the different types of simulation, explain them in detail

3,5,7,8,17.19.20 from book 2 friedman