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The Best Brown’s Gas Technology

on the Planet
Just Keeps Getting Better!

What is Brown’s Gas?

Brown’s Gas (BG) is created with form, it is implosive. In fact, BG
water and electricity. Through a has even been tested as an
specialized process of electrolysis, underwater breathing gas.
electricity is used to enhance the
components of the water. The BG is inherently safer than other
resulting hybrid is a high-energy combustible gases because it is
mixture known as Brown’s Gas. lighter than air, diffuses rapidly and
has a high initial flammability limit.
The electrical energy is ‘stored’ in Furthermore, BG is the only gas
the BG. When Brown’s Gas is that can easily meet government
ignited, the flame releases the (USA) standards for both zero
extraordinary energy potential. pollution and no storage of
combustible gas in enclosed areas.
BG is a unique, super-efficient
medium for transmitting electrical User-friendly attributes aside, a
energy into the atomic structure of shop that converts to Brown’s Gas
materials, producing effects often can reduce direct fuel costs up to
unobtainable by any other means. 98% AND increase productivity by
an average of 25% … as soon as
In use, the differences between BG you make the switch.
and other torch gases are both BG flame Characteristics
dramatic and remarkable. Full details of Brown’s Gas are well
• ‘laser-like’: long, thin, implosive
documented in Brown's Gas Books and
• ‘cool’: radiates at 274°F / 129°C.
By nature Brown’s Gas is gentle. Brown's Gas Videos available from:
Eagle-Research, 1306 Main St, Oroville, WA • inherently a correct mixture
It is odorless and harmless when
98844 USA • minimal flareout
inhaled (unless ignited). In pure
• does not require atmospheric
oxygen to burn
• does not deplete oxygen in area
• can burn in vacuum
• flame energy is controllable by
volume of gas & distance from
work (allows operator extreme
precision and flexibility)
• no harmful radiation emissions
• clean: exhaust is pure water
• flame is easily shut off & restarted

ER WaterTorches Cut Ferric

• 30% less oxygen needed for cutting
(oxygen is added only for cutting)
• no preheat oxygen is used
• cuts ferric 25% faster than oxy./acet.
• 80% less heat hardening
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Safe • Efficient • Industry Transforming

Significantly Increase Productivity
Point by point, Brown’s Gas EXAMPLE #1:
outperforms traditional torch gases Reduce Labor Costs
on every key issue that industry is A company that used acetylene to
faced with. Brown’s Gas gets the braze refrigeration pipe had serious
same work done with more health problems to solve. Their
precision, greater speed, at less employees had headaches, fatigue,
cost, with reduced operator fatigue, nausea, dizzy spells, confusion and
and is environmentally sound. irritability. The labor force was ill or
quitting. The costs of sick benefits
ER WaterTorches Make Brown’s Gas costs only Pennies per and constantly training new people
Water into Fire into Water hour to Operate were exorbitant.
• BG reverts to pure water when burned Bottle rental, exchanges, storage
• unique and efficient medium for and cartage fees of traditional torch By converting to Brown's Gas, fuel
transmitting electrical energy into fuels are eliminated. The only ‘fuel’ costs were reduced by 80%; health
materials costs of BG are water & electricity. and morale improved significantly;
productivity as well as the quality of
Brown’s Gas increases Productivity the work was increased.
Pre-cleaning is usually eliminated.
(BG cuts dirty metal easily with EXAMPLE #2:
minimal popping and spitting.) Transform Industry
Brown’s Gas increases efficiency
The BG flame produces cuts so and safety in automotive shops.
precise that little or no finishing is Cutting, brazing, soldering and
needed. Torch tips are virtually heating can often be done with the
maintenance free and oxygen components still in place. In
bottle exchanges are minimized. addition, the laser-like flame
Since Brown’s Gas is created on- minimizes the chance of igniting
demand, you won’t run out of gas nearby oil, plastic, rubber & fabrics.
in the middle of a cut!
Emerging Industry: Small Brown's
Brown’s Gas Flame is Safer Gas electrolyzers (which cause a
BG Flame Does Not Boil Water
The BG flame has minimal radiant huge drop in pollution and fuel
• water and air dissipate the electrical heat. The cool torch tips, which are consumption, while increasing both
energy with minimal heating safe enough to touch, also prevent performance and engine life), can
• 3.8 times the energy potential of a flash backs. The torch can be used be added onto customer's vehicles.
diatomic flame of equal mass more safely in tight areas where
combustibles could ignite. EXAMPLE #3:
Increase Precision & Profits
Brown’s Gas is User-Friendly Brown's Gas has been a 'trade
Regardless of the torch gas
secret' in the jewelry industry for
currently being used, converting to
over 30 years. Artists use BG
Brown’s Gas, is easy, efficient and
because it is the ideal gas for
immediately satisfying. Use all the
welding noble metals. It produces
same equipment (minus the bottles),
minimal discoloration which cuts
light up and go! You don’t even
polishing time. The flame's low
have to make mixture adjustments.
radiant heat reduces or eliminates
Brown’s Gas is Ecological masking & metal distortion and the
BG exhaust is pure water. No precision of flame allows intricate
harmful emissions like carbon jewelry to be easily manufactured.
monoxide, carbon dioxide,
radiation, or oxides of nitrogen are Brown's Gas is the gas of choice
created. for creating semi-precious stones
like rubies, sapphires & moonstone.
Brown's Gas allows delicate work
to be done with quartz and glass.

ER WaterTorches Braze
• fast, easy, clean fusion
• laser-like flame allows torch to be held
away from work
Accurate • Quiet • Powerful
Dramatically Reduce Costs
current applications principle industries
• annealing • aerospace
• brazing • aircraft
• creating semi-precious stones • artists
• casting (die and investment) • automotive
• enhance fossil-fuel combustion • bridge building / repair
• flame drilling • ceramics
• flame cutting • construction
- directly cuts thin metal, • dental ER WaterTorches Cut Ferric
plastic sheets, hard rods • electro-mechanical continued from front
and hard fibers • electronics
• cuts thin slices of ferric with precision
- adding oxygen: cuts thick • fabrication (light and heavy)
(minimal or no machining needed)
steel, cast iron & iron • glass • punches holes with minimal slag
• flame drilling • instruments • cuts extremely thick iron quickly,
• flame polishing of glass, plastic, • jewelry cleanly, precisely, at any angle
quartz and ceramics • laboratories
• ore and mineral separation • maintenance
• preheating • manufacturing
• plasma spraying • marine
• soldering (all types) • military
• sintering • mining
• surface glazing • molding
metals, ceramics, bricks, • oil (rigs, pipelines, refining, etc.)
cement ... • optics
• tempering • plastics
• vacuum - high quality • power plants
• welding (replacing industrial gas) • recycling
- wax, glass, quartz, cast • refrigeration
iron, copper, aluminum, • repair
plastics, precious metals ... • salvage
• schools / universities / colleges
developing applications • semiconductor
Empirical data, proving the astounding • shipyards / ship building
effects of Brown’s Gas in the following • shipping ER WaterTorches Solder
applications, is just beginning to • solar cells • pinpoint flame accuracy
emerge. • thermocouples • flame’s low radiant heat minimizes risk
• tool makers of burning nearby materials
• waste disposal • minimal flareout
• pure ‘new’ water manufacture
• hydrated water for health
• muscle relaxation; pain relief
• help plants germinate and grow
• neutralization of radioactive waste
• creating new industrial materials
• transmutation
• inexpensive toxic waste disposal
• vastly increase recoverable ore
• underwater breathing gas
• super-efficient room heating
• surface treatment of materials

ER WaterTorches Weld Aluminum

• neutral flame: perfect mixture created
on demand
Consistent • Controllable • minimal metal discoloration
• minimal metal distortion
Comparison of Brown’s Gas and Traditional Cutting Options

Assumptions: All figures in USA currency. Acetylene $0.1375 cf; Electricity $0.07 Kwh; Labor $28/hr; MAPP $0.0794; Natural Gas $0.0075 cf; Oxygen $0.20 cf; Plasma
consumables $15.79/hr.; Propane $0.025 cf; Propylene $0.08 cf; Water $1.00 per US gallon. Using Eagle-Research WaterTorch™ technology, 1L water makes 1200L
Brown’s Gas. It takes 0.003 Kwh to produce 1L Brown’s Gas. In all cases, cutting 4500 feet of 1” steel per month.
Note: Capital expenditures; bottle costs; equipment weights; space requirements; sound intensity; technology versatility and wattage considerations have not been figured
into the equations for any of the cutting options. Sources:;;

ER WaterTorch™Technology
• portable: ER10 - 1600 L/hr Since 1994, Eagle-Research has ER WaterTorch™ features
• commercial: ER1700 - 3900 L/hr been immersed in Brown's Gas ✔ 100% duty cycle
• industrial: ER4000 L/hr . . . plus research, experimentation and ✔ reliable, efficient electronics
development. They’ve written the ✔ one switch operation
Custom units available. Request quote books, dispelled the myths and ✔ series-cell efficiency
and production schedule information. repeatedly raised the standards. ✔ capacitive power supply
✔ no power transformer
LEARN MORE: Eagle-Research has licensed their
✔ precise gas pressure control Brown's Gas technology to
✔ simple, rugged reliability
Water Torch Collective, Ltd.
BOOK A DEMO • BUY A TORCH ✔ easily replaced components
ER WaterTorches outclass ✔ designed to last for decades
the competition ✔ quiet, super-efficient operation
A systematic approach to quality ✔ less than half the size and weight
innovation is evident from simplicity of traditional electrolyzers
of design right through to the safety ✔ produces the same quantity of
features, efficiency, user-friendliness, gas using less than half the
low-maintenance and longevity. wattage of traditional electrolyzers
ER WaterTorch™ technology has Each aspect of every model is ✔ operates on worldwide power
undergone rigorous testing and engineered to exceed the standards . . .
upgrading since 1997. Specifications performance of any counterpart.
may be improved without notice.

Reliable • Light-weight • Cost Effective

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