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Off yy jest Seto Renaissance High School 6505 Dee iet! Teeter Cae eed TO: — Venias Jordan, jr. Coach From: L, Grady, Assistant Principal Re: Inappropriate Text-messaging Date: March, 7, 2016 As the head varsity basketball coach at Renalssance High School, the level of accountability and professionalism required of this position is tremendous. The authority ofthis position truly encompasses those you lead, and cannot be minimized. Unfortunately, this was not evident in the recent communications with a player via text messaging which read, “I'm a put some naked pics of me on there for you lol’. The context of this “comment “is irrelevant and fails to rise to what is appropriate to say to a child. This comment can easily be perceived as “questionable” in its intent and as an “introduction” or “grooming “of a child. Yet, equally concerning is your lack of complete understanding of the wrongful nature of this comment. (Based on your reaction to being questioned about the validity of the situation), Nonetheless, a focus must be placed on developing an improved understanding of your role as a leader of young people. Scholarly articles have been written on subjects such as bullying and harassment, texting and coaching, and ethical leadership. These articles are available to all of our coaches, and are designed to improve overall leadership, and professionalism (See Attached), In closing, you've done a good job with the team, and your commitment to winning is well received. In fact your high expectations are to be commended; but as educators our roles far exceed athletics, and we must remain mindful of this. I hope to have further conversation with you regarding these types of issues. ‘As a course of action this communication serves as a written reprimand that inappropriate text messaging to students will not be tolerated and violations are subject to further disciplinary action. Ifyou have any questions fee! freo to see me rogarding this matter. CC: Anita Williams, Principal Duane Goulbourne, Athletic Director SS | eae eee aera ae aaa eee enna ee | SESE Se cea tec ae ea vreaeaniceeon ven cee ny ae Pence eerie From: Tom Rashid ‘Sent: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 9:59 AM To: Alvin Ward; Duane Goulbourne Subject: FW: Ronalssance High Schoo! Colleagues, Picaso se te eral below which was sent tothe general énallboxat the MHSAA, While thsis not a matter ‘elated to MHSAA Regulations we know itis of great concern to your school. Contact usif we can assist Tom Rashid From: Sent: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 9:10 AM To: Web info Subject: Renalssance High School Conch Vito of Renaissance High School was fired and then rehired the next day. He has committed a ¢rimo and the principal of the school s letting him back as coach. He has attempted to send naked pies to some Kids on the team and he needs to be fired and not be a certified coach, He needs go on the sex offenders list and possibly be in jail. Please make some changes in this situation as many kids has left the team for reasons of this nature and many more, Fisher Bldg, 9th Floor 3021. W. Grand Blvd, 313-870-3782 313-873-8208 (FAX) From: Brenda Belcher Sent: Friday, March 4, 2016 2:49 PM ‘Tor Alvin Ward ‘Ce: Laurl Washington ‘Subject: Fwv: Reniassance High School Basketball Coach Hello Alvin, ‘You may have connected with Laur! Washington regarding a disturbing situation involving the Head Coach, Vanias Jordan, at Renaissance High School. See screen shots of some text messages below, Brenda Belcher Detrolt Public Schools Network Leader - Network 3 1601 Farnsworth Street (Bullding ©) lichigan 48214 315-578-7083 (Direct) 313-578-7036 (Office) 313-510-0526 (Mobile) Email: brenda.belcher@detroitk12.0rg From: Lewis Grady. ‘Sent: Friday, March 04, 2016 2:43 PM To: Brenda Belcher Subject: Fw: Reniassance High School Basketball Coach Good afternoon, Per Principal Anita Williams, Coach Vito Jordan Is not to return to Renalssance High School or act as. basketball coach, until further notice or upon completion of investigation. The student's statement will follow under separate cover. Lewis E, Grady, 1 Vice Principal Renaissance High School