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Parents Perception on De La Salle Araneta University among

Basic Education of academic services:

Basis for strategic marketing plan

The De La Salle Araneta University is a Roman Catholic educational institution inspired

by the charisma of faith and zeal of Saint John Baptiste de La Salle. The DLSAU is a member of

the 350-year - old international network of 1500 Lasallian schools in 82 countries worldwide.

The Lasallian School focused on agricultural, forestry and veterinary education programmes. It

also has a basic education department (primary and secondary schools), a college and a graduate

school department. The department of basic education is an academic preparation department for

the university.

Parenting plays a key role in children's lives during and after education. There were many

questions about who a parent is. However, anyone who provides the needs of a child during his

or her adult years qualifies as a parent. For humans, a parent can be a biological father or mother

or a relative or anyone who acts as a guardian in the absence of parents without any relationship.

In today's competitive world, where everyone wants to be fair or foolish before others.

Parents have different expectations about their children and their perceptions. The perception of

parents consists of a number of factors over the period of time. Age, gender, income, occupation,

education, language and psychographic attitudes, values, personality and interests are the factors

that shape the parent's perceptions. What most parents perceive their children to be educated is

for their own economic gains and well - being. Those parents who have low incomes or minimal

earnings want their children to be educated and earn a lot to improve living standards.
Based on these facts and insights, this study aims to find parents personal perception in

taking their children to the University of De La Salle Araneta. Researchers decided to determine

whether the services provided to the students were helpful and met their expectations. This study

has dramatized its intentions. Whereas the study findings could in any way be a perception, this

gives a presentation of the actual feeling of the parents about how De La Salle Araneta

University has served their students.



Theoretical Framework

Perception Theory

Perception Theory is our expectations, experiences, moods and sometimes cultural norms are

often influenced or even biased. This is where the mind enters, not the brain alone. We can even

fool ourselves because of our expectations. Our eyes play a role in our brain's perception of

information, but our mind really has the greatest power. The psychological factors that determine

our perception of the environment are our perception set (Jenkins, Perceiving is Believing).

Conceptual Framework

Human ware
quality Parents Expectations

Quality of

This figure shows that parents in the center of everything. This explains best how parents

perceive the services of DLSAU for their students in terms of academic teaching factors

represented by the courses and curriculum programmes; Quality of human ware, including

faculty through professors, administrators and staff support through medical services, guidance

and discipline; quality of hardware through dormitory facilities, transportation, canteen and

security services; and, lastly, expectations in terms of employability / graduates job placement.
Significance of the study

This research could deal with the misconceptions of parents about the value of the De La Salle

approach. By listening to parents and families, we were able to identify ways of communicating

the benefits of De La Salle education more effectively.

To make university officials aware of what parents perceive in academic instructions and the

quality of human ware, which consider faculty competence, administration and staff support, the

quality of the hardware that includes dormitories, transport, canteen, security services and

discipline, and finally, the expectations which includes job placement opportunities for


This research can become quite useful for other schools in La Salle as eye openers to consider

positive changes and the advancement of their services.

Finally, this research hopes to find explanations to the persistent question as to why the

University of De La Salle Araneta was chosen as a school for its student. The justifications for

this study are expected to be explored.

Statement of the problem

The thesis study about Parents Perception on De La Salle Araneta University among Basic

Education of academic services: Basis for strategic marketing plan is specifically seeks to answer

the following:

1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of?

1.1 Age

1.2 Gender

1.3 Occupation

1.4 Monthly income

2. How do DLSAU parents perception in DLSAU services in terms of?

2.1 academic instruction factor;

2.2 quality of human ware (faculty, administration, staff support through medical

services, guidance and discipline)

2.3 quality of hardware (support services through dormitory facilities,

transportation, canteen and security services.)

2.4 expectations (graduates finding job placements)

3. How does parent’s perception differ in terms of factor services?

Scope and delimitations

The study specifically focused on the perceived parent’s behaviour towards De La Salle

Araneta academic services. Survey will be generated inside the University specifically in Basic
Education upon one hundred of its students. The respondents will be limited to one hundred who

were mostly the parents of the students of De La Salle Araneta University

Review Related Literature

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to boost enrolment, as it is a modern means of raising awareness and communicating the

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country's literate population for social and economic well – being (Uchendu, Chika C. Et., al.,


A Literature Review on College Choice and Marketing Strategies for Recruitment

The recruitment of sufficiently qualified students becomes an important topic for colleges and

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attend. The aim of this study is to present current research and literature on the factors that

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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of leadership efficiency and marketing

strategies of selected Metro Manila higher education institutions on student satisfaction and

loyalty in order to provide the basis for a strategic plan to improve student satisfaction and

loyalty. This study used a descriptive method of research with a questionnaire as the main tool

for data collection. Four groups of respondents were comprised of administrators, faculty

members, non - academic staff and students from the selected higher education of institutions

(HEI). Frequency and percentage, weighted mean, single-way variance analysis and moment

correlation between pearson and product were used as statistical tools. The results showed that
the students are generally satisfied with the selected HEIs and loyal to them. The effectiveness of

leadership and marketing strategies adopted by selected HEIs are directly correlated to the

satisfaction and loyalty of students. Therefore HEIs must enhance their marketing program to

determine and develop new much better marketing strategies (Feliciano, 2015).

Marketing Strategies of Selected Business Establishments in the City of Tarlac

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over the years small and medium - sized enterprises are still visible and survived (Ramirez,


This study is decriptive in nature. It used a self - made questionnaire as its main data

collection tool, validated by a field expert. The high school students from LPU-High School

participated. The results were calculated, coded and interpreted by means of frequency

distribution and weighted mean. The researchers recommend that the school be more vigilant

about its students ' satisfaction and consider improving its less efficient marketing strategies; and

that the school consider rapidly building rooms and facilities to facilitate its growing population

(Angelica Panganiban, Fernando Ricafort, 2016)





Although the number of disabled youth enrolling in post - secondary education has increased in recent

decades, poor post - secondary graduation rates remain a major concern for this population. This

secondary analysis used the National Longitudinal Transition Study-2 dataset to examine the role of

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predicting graduation among students with learning disabilities. The variables of academic preparation in

high school included the completion of a college curriculum and a GPA. Logistic regression analysis

showed that young people with learning disabilities who completed a college preparatory curriculum were

almost 16 times more likely to graduate from a 2-or4-year college than those who did not, even after

student demographics and GPA. In addition, access to post - secondary academic support services, such

as a tutor, a study center or a writing centre, has increased the likelihood that students with learning
disabilities will graduate from college only among young people who have completed a college

preparation program. The results underline the importance of including a college preparatory curriculum

in transitional planning for students with post - secondary education as a goal (Yu, 2017).




The importance of college for individuals and society has led recent policies and accountability systems

to emphasize university readiness as the primary benchmark for the success of high schools. Advanced /

honorary courses, advanced (AP)/dual credit courses and talented programs are the most common

advanced academic service options available in public schools to ensure readiness for college. This study

examined school year data for 2014 - 2015 for 2,792 students in five high schools in five different school

districts in remote rural Appalachian Kentucky. The aim was to see which advanced academic service is

most closely linked to ready students at college. The readiness of the college was measured in two ways:

ACT composite scores and full - time university admission immediately after high school. Findings from

descriptive and comparative analyzes showed that participation in both AP and dual credit courses was

linked to higher ACT composite scores and post - graduate university enrolment. Students taking

advanced / honorary courses showed relatively low ACT composite scores and did not have a higher

attendance at college after graduation than the general public. These results raise questions about

the effectiveness of advanced academic services to ensure college readiness, at least in

rural remote schools. In order to make better use of limited funding and other support, the results

of this study suggest that state and district policies and systems to account for student college

readiness may need to reconsider which advanced academic services best promote college
readiness and ensure that student records and accountability systems better analyze which

services are most efficient for students (Thomas, 2017).

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Institutions: Academic Advisor Perceptions

Although very few university athletes ever enter the professional world of athletics, they focus more on

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between academic advisors and student athlete relationships and by type of institution, the number of

academic services offered by division and the provision of special academic orientation programmes.

There were no statistically important findings between males and females. Connected results indicate that

consultants empower and support consultants in many ways. This study can provide institutions with

academic advice and support services to better serve college athletes. (Frezza, 2016).





Parent involvement in a child's education is consistently linked to the academic performance of a child. In

order to learn and teach the learning environment, students must be safe, but little research has been done

into the mechanisms that explain this association. This study focuses on the perception of the parent about

the emerging trend of private tuition classes towards the education of children. It discusses the different
aspects of private schools, in particular their influence on the perception of the parent. Data was selected

from parents who have school - age children in the Kaluwachikudy Divisional Secretariat in the

Batticaloa district through a self - administered questionnaire. This research has shown that a positive

parent's perception of private tuition classes definitely empowers a school - age child and their teachers to

perform their tasks more efficiently. Both of these are interrelated and we can conclude that parents have

a positive perception of private tuition classes and that the positive perception is supported by results from

a study of Kaluwanchikudy D.S. parents (Gobiga, 2017).

A Study on Parent’s Perception towards Fees and Quality of

Education in Private Schools at Krishnagiri District

Education quality is an important factor in India and parents pay adequate fees for their

children's schooling. There are many private schools and colleges around Krishnagiri and the

competition between private schools is increasing, reflecting the quality of education, goodwill

and infrastructure. At the same time, the structure of fees at private schools is quite high. In this

study, the structure of education and fees will be the main influence factor for society, so that

parents play a key role for their children. Every person needs the quality of their education in

various jobs. The questionnaire survey tool was used to collect data. This research is therefore

interested in studying the important relationship between the qualities of education and the fee

structure and differences of opinion about the perception of parents towards education (Ravi,

Perceptions of Parents on the Practice of Private Tuition in Public

Learning Institutions in Kenya

Private tuition outside normal class hours is a phenomenon that has prevailed in Kenya's basic education

institutions, despite the government 's repeated ban. The aim of the study was to establish parental

perceptions of extra education in Kenya's public schools. All null hypotheses have been tested with the t-

test for independence of means at a meaning level of 0.05. The data analyzed were presented in

Frequency Tables. The study showed that parents had a positive perception of private schooling. Among

the reasons for this favorable attitude towards practice was that private tuition improved the average grade

of children, improved overall school performance, facilitated syllabus coverage, improved academic

performance and increased knowledge in a variety of subjects. Furthermore, the findings revealed that the

parents ' gender does not influence their perceptions of extra tuition. Similarly, the opinions of parents

whose children attended private school and those whose children did not take part in the practice were

homogeneous and therefore not statistically significant. The study recommends that the Kenyan

government should not outlaw the practice; instead, the practice should be encouraged and taxed, as is the

case in Israel and Australia, where private tuition contributes to these countries ' revenues in each case.

Alternatively, the government must revise the entire educational structure, which places a high premium

on exams for the practice to be monitored and ensures that children have time for leisure (Mwebi, 2016).




This study aimed to determine the perceptions of teachers, students and parents in the Philippine

government 's K-12 programme. The descriptive research design was used to obtain information from the

100 respondents selected (30 teachers, 40 students and 30 parents). The study was carried out at the

National High School of Pikit in Pikit, Cotabato, Philippines. The results showed that parents, students

and teachers seemed to understand the program K to 12. On the contrary, they still felt that there were

areas where improvements and concerns were needed, such as: K to 12 programs were expensive, poor,

lacking adequate facilities, classrooms and laboratory equipment; salary delays and insufficient number of

senior high school teachers. In light of these findings, it is recommended that the government of the

Philippines allocate sufficient budget for the K to 12 program to succeed and allow stakeholders to share

their feelings about the deficiencies and/or insufficiency of facilities to meet the needs of the growing

number of students throughout the country (Caup, 2017).





The aim of the study is to know the perception or understanding of parents, students and the community about

the implementation of the K – 12 Basic Education Program (BEC) in the Balabac Schools Davison district of

Palawan at the Mangsee National High School (MNHS), Philippines. The researcher has come across many

different perceptions or understandings of parents, students and the community. Some informants have a

positive and negative reaction to the program in question. The aim of the study is to contribute to the

progressive development of the Mangsee National High School and to advocate parents for the main objectives

of the programme, students and the community in the District of Balabac as well as in the entire country

since this K – 12 Program is new curriculum that implemented by the former President of the Republic of

the Philippines Benigno Aquino III and his Education Secretary Dr. Armin Luistro in 2013 (Mohammad,

Parents’ Perception on De La Salle University-Dasmariñas


The study was conducted to determine the perception of parents in the De La Salle University-

Dasmariñas services grouped as follows Academic Instruction Factor Quality of human goods (including

faculty, administration, medical assistance, guidance and discipline Quality of equipment (sleeping

facilities, transport facilities, canteens and security services and Expectations graduates’ job placement. As a

result of this study, the highest percentage is the Business Administration College with 20.6% followed by the

Liberal Arts College with 20.3%. However, the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology,

followed by 16.1% of the International Hospitality Management College, is 14.5% and the College of Science

is 13.5%. The College of Education represents 8.1% and the College of Law Enforcement and Public Safety

accounts for 6.8%. When asked about their perception of DLSU-D services, these parents responded in terms

of academic education factor. Quality of human ware (faculty, administration, support of staff through medical

services, guidance and discipline); quality of hardware (support services through dormitories, transport,

canteen and security); and (expectations (graduates finding jobs). The service factor was second in

expectations, with an average of 2,3877. This covers the details of higher job opportunities, 2.48 graduates

exude self - confidence, 2.47 graduates, 2.43 more opportunities for better placement, 2.43 comprehensive

training and preparation, and 2.13 job assistance after graduation. The quality of human goods, which includes

faculty, administration, medical services, guidance and discipline, was closely followed by an average of

2,2965 third. The details include discipline and guidance with an average of 2.42, administrators within reach

are 2.34, support staff are efficient, 2.26, faculty members are competent, 2.25 and the' loco parentis' principle

is practiced at the university, 2.20. The lowest average of 2,2332 was reflected in the service factor on

hardware quality, which includes support services through dormitories, transport, canteen and security (Antig,

Chapter 2


Research Locale

This research is to conduct a survey inside the vicinity De La Salle Araneta University and

specifically in Basic Education Department. DLSAU located at 303 Victoneta Avenue, Potrero,

Malabon City, Philippines 1475.

Research Design

In this study, quantitative research methods will be used to determine and describe the Parents

Perception on De La Salle Araneta University among Basic Education of academic services:

Basis for strategic marketing plan. This study obtained the views of the respondents concerning

the perception of parents regarding academic services basis for strategic marketing plan.

Research Sampling

A purposive sampling technique is a representation of the elements of the target

population. The sampling method located inside of De La Salle Araneta University. In order to

have better accuracy of the result, the questionnaire is distributed by the researchers within the

University Campus. Researchers will ensure the respondents are those who is a parents of

nursery to grade 10.

Respondents of the study

The participants of this research are the nursery to grade 10 students of DLSAU. The

sample of the study consisting of

Research Instrument

Using a survey questionnaire about customer perception indicates 14-items likert scale on

general questions, 10- items likert scale about image, 5-items likert scale about service, 11- items

likert scale about products to conduct survey and support this study.

Data Gathering Procedure

The researchers, on the discussion above using survey questionnaire to gather specific

data on the other hand to justify this study to include research and entitled Parents Perception on
De La Salle Araneta University among Basic Education of academic services: Basis for strategic

marketing plan. The researchers also searched for more related information on the subject on

different reliable websites.