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Dupaya, Ma. Bernadette R.


Belief System Similarities in Differences in

Business Practices Business Practices
They also value Honesty in They follow the teachings of
business therefore they tend Torah and tend to value
Judaism not to falsify measures of improving one’s morality over
length and weight, pay a their work.
laborer his wages the same
day and etc.
Christianity teaches that they They follow the teachings in
must fight temptation that will the Bible therefore their every
Christianity distract them from doing the action must be pleasing to
good just like in Buddhism. the Lord and according to
what the bible states.
They also need to avoid falling The Muslims are not allowed
into prohibited acts and to eat pork which has an
Islam thereby eschewing amongst impact on different food
sins and evil deeds just like in industry.
-Just like in Shintoism, Hindu Most Hindu families preferred
society is very hierarchal. It is vegetarian food due to their
made up of series of caste in respective God which has an
which they consider the impact on different food
Hinduism leader to manage the industry.
business while the others do
their roles with regards to their
-Just like in Confucianism and -Buddhism also teaches not to
Taoism they value being dwell in the past but to focus
mindful of others while they only in the present.
also establish themselves.
-They have an eightfold path
Buddhism that needs to be followed just
like in Confucianism’s five
constants that the believers of
Confucianism must follow.
-Just like in Christianity,
Buddhism teaches them that
they must be aware and freed
from distractions, temptation
and cravings.
-They value honesty and purity They value Filial piety,
in business practices just like in therefore they are being
Shintoism. respectful towards the people
-Just like in Shintoism and who is older than them even if
Confucianism Taoism they also need to be they have a higher position
mindful of others and also than them.
establish others as they
establish themselves.
-They value being humble and They value naturalness which
being mindful of other just like means to say they need to
Taoism in Hinduism and Confucianism. accept what was going to
-They also need to be happen rather than fighting
compassionate in working just against them.
like in Shintoism
-Just like in Hinduism the -A group is consider to be
traditional Japanese superior to its ordinary
workplace highly structured members.
and hierarchal. Japanese are -They believe that everything
Shintoism highly conscious of relative has a soul, therefore Shinto
rank and status within their priest frequently blessed cars
organization. and buildings.
-They also need to be
compassionate when working
just like in Taoism.