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Data Validation and Input Controls

If you add extra controls features, you will also submit a brief note, typed in Word, as the
documentation of the extras. You will submit the electronic document(s) in ONE ZIP archive to Make sure that you name the Excel and Word documents and the zip archive
following the standard naming convention. You will use the same naming convention to type the
subject of the email in which you submit the zip archive. The project will be assigned a grade of zero
if any of the requirements above is not satisfied.
Create a spreadsheet in EXCEL to reconcile bank statement. Organize it as follows:
 All the cells must be appropriately formatted, e.g. dollar amounts must use the accounting
format, etc. Other formatting such as bold, underline and italic are expected to be used in
appropriate places.
 All the negative adjustments must be typed in as negative values. The input must be
validated by using data validation tools. The values must also be displayed in RED by using
conditional formatting.
 Appropriate input controls, such as range check or length check, must be applied to
attributes/elements such as check numbers.
 All the (sub-)totals of continuous ranges must be prepared by using the aggregation
functions provided in EXCEL.
 The IF function should be used to make logical judgment.
 Additional control features are encouraged but not required.
Use the numbers below to show how your spreadsheet works.
Balance per Bank Statement $ 107,525.33
Balance per Book $ 106,928.68

Collection of Notes receivable by the bank:

Principal $ 10,000.00
Interests $ 30.00
Fee charged by the bank for collection $ 20.00

Interests on the reconciled account $ 11.95

Monthly Charge by the bank $ 25.00

Deposit in Transit
Note Amount
Payment, Beethoven $ 12,000.00
Payment, Mozart $ 13,000.00
Payment, Mikey $ 8,000.00
Refund, Pooh $ 7,000.00

Outstanding Cheks
Check number Amount
1234 $ 2,256.75
1235 $ 4,775.50
1237 $ 3,567.45
1239 $ 7,500.00
1240 $ 12,500.00