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CNS 01

1. Ethics is best defined as

I. Philosophical
II. A set of standards establishing right and wrong actions
III. Rules describing your duty to the society and fellow professionals
IV. Guidelines that help you make decisions

2. What is the direct effect of ethical behavior

I. The reputation will be enhanced
II. You will be rewarded economically
III. You feel good about yourself

3. Ethical behavior is invariant with respect to

I. Time
II. Location
III. Culture


5. Complete the sentence: If you check the calculations license… of your friend and already gone
by Engineering Business with him..
ANS. Your friend should know about your involvement

6. Which of the following can overrun your ethical requirements to perform through analysis and
check of the work for your client?
ANS. Other ethical obligations

7. What does it mean when a design professional accepts a punishment for an unethical act from
his technical society with 'prejudice'?

ANS. After the sentence is served or punishment is completed, further action may be taken.

8. Which of the following is not embodied in code of ethics for engineering consultants?
I. Consulting engineers will place services to humankind, above personal gain
II. Consulting engineers will serve clients faithfully, honestly, and professionally.
IV. Consulting engineers will encourage the development of engineering and consulting



11. Which process cannot be modeled as an isenthalpic process?

ANS. An ideal gas accelaration to supersonic speed through a converging-diverging nozzle.

12. "BLEVE" is an acronym is used to describe:

ANS. A Catastrophic boiler expansion

13. Cold water is used to cool hot water, tube-in-tube, counterflow heat exchanger. Compared to
a plot of heat transfer rate-versus-distance traveled by the hot water, the plot of heat transfer rate-
versus-distance traveled for the hot water is:

ANS. Identical

14. Cold water is used to cool hot water, tube-in-tube, counterflow heat exchanger. Compared to
a plot of heat transfer rate-versus-distance traveled by the hot water, the heat transfer rate-versus-
distance traveled plot of the cold water is:

ANS. Reversed end to end

15. Cold water is used to cool hot water, tube-in-tube, parallel-flow (co-current) heat exchanger.
Compared to a plot of temperature-versus-location by the hot water, the temperature-versus-
location plot of the cold water is:

ANS. Inverted top-to-bottom

17. Which is not related to ethics?

ANS. Profitability


19. Which of the activities do not require the code of ethics of engineers?

ANS. Submitting competitive bid to the clients

20. What organization does not have the code of ethics for engineers?

ANS. Companies for write, administer and grade licensure exams






26. Charging professional services is unethical

ANS. Per Diem, Billed monthly in advance

27. Engineer is using his vacant time in illegal gambling

ANS. Yes, Engineer ____ only in person and organization
28. Field engineer, inspecting and saw leaking hazardous chemicals and reported to his
supervisor about the matter, then the supervisor commanded to the field engineer to send report
to the maintenance division. In the next several months, the leaking had gone worse.

ANS. Ask the supervisor to investigate what action has been taken

29. A 30-year-old, senior engineer holds a 3-group design, geotechnical, environmental ___.
After the project has been done by the group, they submitted the design for approval. What must
be the ethical action the leader will do to approach to the senior engineer?

ANS. Each design segment must be signed and by the licensed group leader/ Team leaders
must have signed and sealed.

30. A new engineering firm plans to advertise their services in a newspaper. The advertisement
gives four concepts or types of advertisement to be chosen by the firm.

ANS. Neither i, ii, iii, iv


32. Engineering firm gets their renewal from community construction projects..

ANS. Suggest to the employees to join community organizations

33. An engineer-architect team builds a certain building which leaks during heavy rain. The
owner can't see his contractor because of what reason?

ANS. Statute of Limitation

34. Rebecca works on a laboratory department. Her job is to gather and have an accurate results
on every experiment they will perform. What should she write first on her logbook?

ANS. Date and time

35. You're an engineer assigned in receiving bids and awards. One of the bidders for the job is
your former employer. Your former employer ____ you off for price cut What should you do?
ANS. II. Tell your employer about the current situation
III. Keep objective on awarding bids

36. To whom which the registered engineer's...

ANS. Public Welfare





41. You are a city engineer in charge of receiving bids. A contractor came with a bid with two
football game tickets. The bid is the lowest received. What should you do?

ANS. Return the tickets and receive the bid.

42. Mr. Frank is the owner of the company. None of his sons and employees are registered
engineer. Mr. Frank, now 94 years old, with failing eyesight, comes to the office and asks
questions about the projects. When his sons are done with the project, he puts his engineer's seal
to them.

ANS. This mode of operation is not permitted.

43. 17 years ago, Susan's company built a corrugated steel culvert. Last winter, the road
collapsed as a truck passed over. Although there were no injuries, the truck and road were
damaged. The country tried unsuccessfully to collect Susan Company's bond. The judge denied
the claim that the road was made not too long ago.

ANS. Statute of Limitation

44. Steam at 2.0 kPa is saturated in 17.5 oC. What will be the state of the steam in 40 oC at 2.0

ANS. Superheated

45. An ideal gas deviates from the ideal because of the gas equation PV=mRT. Which of the
following is the deviation smallest?

ANS. HIgh temperature and low pressure

46. Which of the following is the best measurement of molecular activity?

ANS. Internal Energy

47. A liquid boils when the vapor pressure equals to:

ANS. Ambient Pressure

48. A substance that remains uniform throughout a sample.

ANS. Pure Substance

49. ... energy conservation equal used in flow system...

ANS. The first law of thermodynamics

50. Which type of process the equation dQ=TdS valid?

ANS. Reversible

51. Adiabatic process compared to isentropic process

ANS. Both: Heat Transfer = 0, Isentropic = Reversible

52. What is the proper statement for the second law of thermodynamics?
ANS. It is impossible for a system working in a complete cycle to accomplish as its sole
effect to transfer heat from a body at a given temperature to a body at higher temperature.

53. Rankine cycle

ANS. 2 Constant Pressure Process and 2 Isentropic Process

54. Otto Cycle

ANS. 2 Constant Volume Process, 2 Isentropic Process


56. Most commonly used in power plant

ANS. Rankine Cycle

57. ISLA

58. ISLA

59. ISLA

60. ISLA



64. Which of the following statement of radiation of heat transfer is false?

ANS. Radiation energy cannot travel through vacuum.

65. What is the ideal rate of heat transfer through a uniform wall section?
ANS. Directly proportional to the coefficient of heat transfer and inversely proportional to
the thickness of the wall.

66. If T is the absolute temperature, the intensity of radiation from an ideal radiator is
proportional to:


67. The unit of kinetic viscosity is:

ANS. m2/s

68. Which of the following does not affect the rise and fall of liquid in a small tube?

ANS. Viscosity of Fluid

69. The net force that acts on a particular is equal to zero when the particle:

ANS. has constant linear momentum

70. One Newton is a force required to:

ANS. An acceleration at 10 kg mass at a rate of 0.10 m/s2

71. If the sum of all the forces on a particle is not equal to zero then the particle is:

ANS. Accelerating on the same direction of the resultant force

72. Why does a spinning ice skater's angular velocity increased as she brings her arms closer to
her body?
ANS. Moment of Inertia and least radius of gyration are reduced, angular momentum
remains constant

73. What is the first derivative of the kinetic energy with respect to time?

ANS. Power

74. The impulse-momentum principle is used in solving problems involving:

ANS. Force, Velocity, Time

75. A net force of a particular is equal to zero when its particle has:

ANS. Constant Linear Momentum

76. A perfect sphere moves up a frictionless inclined. Which of the qualities will not change?

ANS. Potential Energy

77. Depreciation Allowance is best described as:

ANS. The factor whose use is not regulated by law

78. Which conic section is described by the following equation: Ax2 + Cy2 + Dx + Ey + F = 0?

ANS. Ellipse

79. Which is NOT true about ellipse?

ANS. The A and C coefficient of x2 and y2 are equal.

80. What is not true about the inverse matrix __?

ANS. AI = A^-1

81. NPTF stands for:

ANS. National Pipe Thread for Fuel

82. Component of hose that generally determine the pressure.

ANS. Reinforcement

83. Component that is not part of the pneumatic system.

ANS. Pump

84. Components of Hydraulic System

ANS. Pump, fluid, reservoir, lines, valves, actuator - ALL OF THE ABOVE





89. One Newton is the force required to:

ANS. Acceleration at 10 kg mass, at a rate of 0.10 m/s2

90. If the sum of all forces on particles is not equal to zero, the particle is:

ANS. Accelerating in the same direction at the resultant force

91. Why does a spinning ice skater's angular velocity increased as she brings her arms closer to
her body?
ANS. Moment of Inertia and least radius of gyration are reduced, angular momentum
remains constant

92. Which of the following situations is the example of making mutually exclusive decisions?
(Keywords: I. Maintenance Department, II. Sterio Pool, III. Budget Committee)


93. Polynomial with degree of 3..

a. It has three distinct roots
b. It has two imaginary roots
c. It can have zero, one, two, or three distinct roots
d. none of the above


94. Hypothesis Test

ANS. Set of data come rom distribution

95. Which is not part of halogen family?

ANS. Flourine

96. What is the relationship between ethical requirement and legal requirement?

ANS. Ethical requirement adds restriction not required by law.

97. Complete the statement: Engineers should uphold the health, safety, and public

ANS. Welfare

98. A junior engineer notices that the design is dangerous for the end-users. The company
practices it for several years. What should the engineer do?
ANS. Bring the issue to the attention of the upper nonethical management.

99. A professional engineer self-published a book which claims to be 'best buy', 'most concise',
'most authoritative'. A reader complains to the society (PSME). What should the society do?

ANS. Provide data to support the claim before taking further steps

100. Which of the following cannot be derived from the tensile test?

ANS. Endurance Limit

101. How many atoms are there in a hexagonal closed pack cell

ANS. 6

102. What does annealing and recrystallization have in common?

ANS. They are the same but crystallization occurs at lower temperature

103. A Steel rod is under tension and held at constant load just below its yield point without
breaking. What is mostly likely to occur if it undergoes another loading?

ANS. The rod would increase its yield point slightly above the previous.

104. TAN

105. Zinc Galvanization

ANS. Zinc atoms have great tendency to lose atoms and form positive electrons

106. Packing Factor

ANS. Volume of the atom divided by cell volume

107. Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen reacts on 7000K (keyword: equilibrium)

ANS. Equilibrium Constant increases

108. Reynold's Number 1/5 scale amd Reynold's number dimensionally similar

ANS. Both similar/ the same

109. Kirchoff's law states that:

ANS. The sum of the currents passing through a node is zero, and the sum of the voltages
in a close loop of a circuit is zero.

110. What is a passive element?

ANS. An element that only stores, releases, and dissipates power.

111. What is the radial field intensity proportional to:

ANS. Q/(R+r)2

112. Correctly describes power factor in an AC Circuit?

ANS. Ratio of resistance to impedance

113. What is the name of the feature used to facilitate cleaning the inside of the water boiler?

ANS. Handhole
114. Selection of Temperature Detector (RTD).

ANS. The precision is important, accuracy is not important.

115. In programming, a reversible function is one that:

ANS. Calls itself