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Naval Station Felix Apolinario, Panacan, Davao City
Contact Number: (082) 235-1041

Press Release October 15, 2010

Worker turned NPA returns home

He worked in a banana plantation until he was recruited to become a member of

the NPA. After being away for more than two years, he will be reunited with his family

Eddie I. Megrino grew up in Sta. Cruz, Midsayap, North Cotabato. They are nine
siblings in a family. Without a steady income, his parents strove hard to provide for their
needs. He admits though that it was difficult for his family. Nevertheless, his father did
his best to send him to school and finish high school in 2006. He enrolled to take
vocational course at the Caxton College Institute in Midsayap but the financial
requirement was too much for his family to raise, so he stopped his studies.

He opted to work at a grocery store in Midsayap where he met Daisy, who hails
from Compostela Valley Province. They fell in love with each other and tied the knot in
September 1997. Conflict with his in-laws who had business interests in Midsayap
made him decide to move his family to Compostela in 1999 to work in a banana

As worker of a big landowner in Compostela, he was enticed by a.k.a. Bobby and

a.k.a. Nhel (a woman) to join a labor union, the “Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa San Jose”
(NAMASAN), in 2005. Same persons oriented him and two of his co-workers on various
issues confronting the workers and encouraged them to join the New People’s Army to
fight for the rights of the workers. He could recall joining mass actions in Davao City for
three times, again on the suggestion of “Bobby” and “Nhel”. He finally joined the NPA on
January 2, 2008 and reported to the group of a.k.a. Isko in Barangay Parasanon,
Maragusan, Compostela Valley Province.

For more than two years, he was assigned to the Sandatahang Yunit
Pampropaganda (SYP) under Guerilla Front 27 as Finance and Logistics Officer (FLO).
As FLO, his main task was to list down the requirements of his comrades in the team
and submit the list to the higher organ (iskwad). Though designated as FLO, he claimed
that he never had the opportunity to hold the financial resources of the SYP because it
was being handled by the political instructor (PI).

He was disappointed to find out that the organization he joined has many flaws
and inconsistencies in implementing its own rules. As an ordinary member, he was
never allowed to go home to visit his family while their communist leaders could do so
anytime they wanted. Daisy had to elude military and PNP checkpoints to avoid
detection so that she could be with her husband from time to time.
Eddie was also witness to the sexual abuses committed by their communist
leaders to young female recruits of the underground movement. He reported the illicit
relationship between a.k.a. Maruz, a political guide and instructor (PG/PI) and a 19-year
old “amasona” (female NPA member) to “Isko” but to the dismay of many NPA
members, no “disciplinary action” (DA) was carried out against the two.

Eddie knew that he had joined the wrong organization. He has realized that they
were not actually fighting for the legitimate rights of the workers but exploiting them
instead. They were fighting for a lost cause. Encouraged by his Vice Commander in the
SYP, he surrendered to the peace and development team of the 66th Infantry Battalion
in Barangay Andili, Mawab, Compostela Valley Province on Friday evening, October 8.

“Mouli na gyud ko karun arun atimanon ang kinahanglanon sa akung pamilya”,

said Eddie as he waits for a happy reunion with his 6-month pregnant wife and four

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