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Ceasar Salad 250

(served with delicious Caesar dressing and fresh lettuce leaves Garnish with olives
and bread croutons)

Corn Lollipops 200

(Corn balls served with cheese dip)

Beer Batter fried Prawns 450

(Prawns with seasoning and grilled to give out smoky Flavour
Norwegian Smoked salmon and Cucumber Bruschetta)
Grilled Vegetables and feta Cheese salad 200
(Exotic Vegetables Grilled with feta cheese seasoned with herbed dressing)

Country style Greek Salad 150

(Vegetables served with Greek dressing fresh lettuce and seasoning)
Nicoise Salad 300
(Tuna fish with lettuce and vegetables)

Warm Pumpkin salad 300

(Pumpkin, Pine nuts, crispy bacon, feta cheese, and drizzle of olive oil)


French Onion Soup 150

(Caramelized onion with Flavourful broth)

Cream Soup 150

(Mushroom, Chicken, Tomato, Peas)
(puree with broth and addition of cream)

Gazpacho Soup
(Cold Soup served in a Martini glass)

Minestrone 200
(Macaroni pasta, tomato puree, non veg broth and seasoning)

Choice of Pasta’s 300

(Cannelloni, Spaghetti, Tagetelleni, Ravioli)

Choice of Sauces
(Bolognese, Carbonara, Pesto Sauce)

Gnocchi with Basil butter emulsion 250

(Pasta served with basil and butter emulsion)

Lasagne Verdi al forno 300

(Lasagne with béchamel, ragout, and tomato sauce with grated cheese
On top of it)

Main course

Accompanied with homemade speciality Breads (Ciabatta, Focaccia, Bread rolls, panini)

Grilled Darne of Fasker with lemon butter sauce 400

(Grilled fish served with lemon butter emulsion)

Baked seasoned Shrimps 350

(shrimps with Homemade seasoning and served with assorted vegetables)

Pan Fried boneless breast of chicken 300

(Boneless chicken breast with honey corn fritter and Crispy bacon served with thousand
island dressing)

Mutton Bourguignon 300

(Mutton Served with vegetables and sauces)

Asparagus and potato Frittata 300

(Asparagus stuffed frittata with crispy potatoes)

Miso Aubergines 200

(Aubergine stuffed and backed and then serve with tomato dip)

Cheddar cheese and shallot pie with fennel pastry 250

(Pie stuffed with cheese, shallots and fennel)


Cream Brulee 150

Chocolate Mousse 100
Mix Fruit Quiche 150
Tiramisu 150
Cannelloni 150
Baked Pudding 100
Choice of Gateaux 100
(strawberry, pineapple, licchi, black forest, red velvet)

Choice of Burger 150

(chicken burger, veg burger, tikka burger)
Pizza’s 200
(Margarita, Basil pesto, cottage cheese and olives)
Potato wedges 100
(Topped with cheese and baked)
Sweet tooth