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, Qualified and experienced faculty  Harmonic Analysis using ETAP

Er.Perumal Manimekalai College of members have been involved in teaching and  Relay Co-ordination using ETAP

Engineering, established in the academic year conducting various short term courses for the  Arc Flash Studies Using ETAP

2002-2003 is approved by All India Council of benefit of students. The Department initiates the  PV System Design

Technical Education (AICTE), affiliated to U.G., & P.G., research projects in Embedded
Anna University and accredited by NAAC with Systems, Power systems and Power Electronics
through the IEDC and MSME which is based on
Er. S.Selvakumar,
‘B++’ Grade. PMC TECH creates unique
Engineer, ABB, Chennai.
opportunities, affords individualized educational the collaboration of institution & industry.
Mr. Ezhil Aniruthan,
challenges, promotes high order thinking skills OBJECTIVE
Engineer, Power Research & Development
and maintains a strong tradition of academic Due to rapid growth and reformation in Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru.
excellence for the students. power market, electrical simulation software are Mr.S Prasanth
The College is equipped with world growing at a rapid phase. Conventional Studies Engineer, Power Research & Development
class infrastructure, highly qualified and well like Load Flow, Short Circuit, Transient Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru.
experienced faculty members for grooming the Stability, Relay Coordination, Harmonic Studies
student’s proficiency in their subjects. On the
etc. with respect to integration of renewable
other side an active training cell is acquainting resources and grid planning for deregulated  UG Student : Rs. 750/-
the students with essential soft skills so that market are gaining momentum. The main  PG Student : Rs. 750/-
finally the placement cell successfully carry out objective of this course is to provide an in depth Registration for the workshop should be
placements on the expert guide of our principal. knowledge in power sector. It is designed in done before 20th January, 2018. For external
ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT such a way that it gives a thorough knowledge participants, accommodation will be provided in

The Department of Electrical & in power system studies using various the hostel on prior request.

Electronics Engineering was established in the Simulation Tools available in the market.
academic year 2002-2003 & post graduate COURSE CONTENT
programme M.E., in Power Electronics and  Introduction to Electrical Simulation Tools Mr.A.Rajapandiyan,
Drives in 2013. It has well equipped laboratories  Load Flow Studies using ETAP Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE,
Mobile No: 9751643007,
with a state of art Electrical Machines, Power  Short Circuit Studies using ETAP
Email Id:
electronics & Power System Simulation Lab  Transient Stability Studies
equipped with software’s such as MATLAB,  Motor Acceleration Studies using ETAP
Name : ________________________ Chief Patron Manimekalai
Shri. Er.P.Perumal, B.E., FIE.,
Degree : ________________________
Chairman, PMC Tech. College of Engineering
Branch : ________________________ Patrons Hosur-635117, Tamil Nadu,
Shri. P.Kumar, India.
Organization : ________________________ (Accredited by NAAC with ‘B++’ Grade)
Secretary & Correspondent,
(An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution)
_______________________________________ PMC Tech. Website:
Smt. P.Mallar,
Mailing Address: ________________________ Trustee,
Three Days
_______________________________________ PMC Tech National Level
Co- Patron
_______________________________________ Dr. S.Chitra, Workshop
Contact No : ________________________ Principal, PMC Tech on
E-mail Id : ________________________ Mr.M.Sahithullah, Power System
Amount paid : ________________________
Prof, Dept. of EEE,
PMC Tech.
D.D. No : ________________________ Convener Operation &
Bank Name : ________________________
Head, Dept. of EEE, Control using ETAP
Place : ________________________ PMC Tech.
Organising Committee
Date : ________________________ Mr.S.Devaraj Date: 22.01.2018 to
Mrs.S.Meenakumari 24.01.2018
Signature of the applicant
Mr.N.Selvakumar Sponsored by
Mr.T.Senthilkumar The Institution of Engineers
is a UG/PG student of our institution. He/She
will be permitted to attend the programme if Mr.R.Vinoth (India)
selected. Mrs.L.Maheswari

Signature & Seal Ms.R.M.Madhumathi

(Head of the Institution) Mr.A.Rajapandiyan
Organised by
Department of EEE