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1. Title of Invention: Writo Fill , (WOFL)

2. Particulars of Inventor (s) in CAPITALS:

S.NO Name Department Designation

1. NIKHIL SINGH CHAUHAN Computer Engg Student
2. KRISHAN KANT SHARMA Mechanical Engg Astt professor

3. Corresponding Inventor’s Name and Address:

Inventor(s) Darpan city,Flat Inventor(s) Postal Address: Krishan Kant

Postal Address no:26/C, kharar, Address Inventor(s) , Hari Sneh Sadan,
Inventor(s) Mohali Alternative Address Street No :2, SHANTI
Alternative (resi) NAGAR, Kurukshetra
Address (resi)

Mobile: 7707980960 Mobile: 9215252551,

E-mail:: nikhilsnghchauha E-mail mail id:
Telephone: Telephone:

4. Status of Patent :( if application already filed, Application No. with Date,

Please enclose a copy of Patent Application/ (Provisional/ Complete Specifications) as filed)

Provisional filing with application no—

5. Have you conducted Patent Search? Yes / No (if yes, attach the patent search report)
- NO

6. Brief abstract of invention (In about 500 words): we design the marker outlet with adjust ink filter on
that. In solid works software we design a marker outlet where we pot ink and design the ink filler to
adjust on the outlet space of marker. In this outlet ink filter is connected to marker like a cap , and
whenever ink marker is empty with some pressure applied on ink filter ink will be filled. It will reduse
wastage of ink as well as time consumption.

7. Existing state -of-the-art: (Brief background of the existing knowledge.)

Nowadays we are using simple ink marker which required ink filler with extra space and it require extra
care for its filling process which is very much time consuming.

8. Drawbacks in existing state -of-the-art & how the drawbacks have been overcome by your
Invention: Existing state of art Drawbacks in existing state of art Overcome

1 Normal Ink Marker 1-Time consuming during filling Ink 1-Minimise the wastage of Ink
with Ink filler in marker. or marker both.
2-Ink spread during filling ink in 2-Less time consuming and
marker. easy to fill .

9. Objectives of the invention:

 Objective: To reduse the wastage of ink during the filling process, and sometime marker also get
damage during filling process.
 How to use the invention: It is simple to use as just we are using ink marker , but it will make
the ink filling process much faster and reduce the wastage of ink as well as marker.
 Problem which our invention is solving are as follows: -It will solve the ink wastage as well as
marker , also reduce the time consumption.

10. Novel features of the invention:

11. Advantages of the present invention:

1- It reduce the time consumption during filling of ink in marker.
2- It reduce the wastage of ink as well as ink marker.
12. Detailed description of the invention (The detailed description should be accompanied with
Diagrams, drawings with Proper Legends and must be related to the description): on A4 Sheet. All the
description of the drawing with numbering must mentioned in the detail.

12 (a) Technical features and Elements of the invention.

13. Mention the Differences in invention and prior art(Patent and NPL in the search report).
Following are difference from the prior art: Name of the prior art Key features of prior art Key features of our
1. Normal ink marker Used to write as well as marking Combined form of ink
something filler as well as ink

14. Problem your invention is solving:

1- Ink wastage as well as marker.
2- Time consumption.

15. Provide any additional material (such as photographs, reports, publications, and references to texts
or other information material) which may be helpful to an understanding of the invention identify and
indicate the specific relevance of each.

16. Drawings (If Any)

17. Briefly state when and how you first conceived this idea?

18. Have you sold, offered for sale, publicly used or published anything related to this invention ? If yes,
please briefly explain the dates and circumstances. List those individuals to whom you have revealed
your invention. Were non discloser documents signed prior to discloser in each case? Please state any
deadlines of which you may be aware for filing an application on this invention.


19. Have you constructed a prototype? Yes/No

Has it been tested/used? Yes/No
Do you have records or log books documenting the conception/development of your invention? Yes/No