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TALLENTEX 2018 Roll No.

Student’s Name Abhishek Maurya

Present Class (Session 2017-18) Class X

Father’s/Mother’s/Guardian’s Name Hariom Maurya

TALLENTEX 2018 Test Date Sunday,8 October 2017

Test Center Code 29041

Children's Academy, B-21/196, Kamachha, Bhelupur power
Test Center Detail House, Infront of CHS Boys School, Varanasi (Uttar
Pradesh) 221010.

Time to report at Test Center 12:30 PM Signature of Student

Time to enter Exam Hall 01:00 PM

Test Timings 01:30 PM to 03:30 PM

A. MANDATORY documents to carry at Test Center (Without these documents, you will not be allowed to take the test)
1. Printed copy of this admit card. (Soft copy on phone will not be accepted)
2. One photo I-card on which your “current class” must be mentioned.
Accepted I-Cards are
a. School I-Card
b. ALLEN I-Card in case of ALLEN student
c. Copy of school Diary page on which photo is pasted
d. HBCSE Olympiad admit card
e. Certificate by school
B. Things to carry for Test
1. Blue or Black ball point pen to fill answer sheet (ORS) and mark answers on it (Compulsory)
2. Wrist watch (recommended but not compulsory)
3. Exam pad (recommended but not compulsory)
C. Things NOT allowed inside Exam Hall
1. Any piece of paper other than mandatory documents, stapler, pins & clips.
2. Mobile phone, calculator, slide rule, log table & any other electronic/electrical gadgets unless required for any medical reason.
3. Eatables
D. General Instructions
1. It takes almost 30 minutes to understand Test instructions & fill-in the ORS therefore do enter the exam hall at the time specified above
2. Carefully read instructions on Test Paper & ORS both and ask the invigilator if not able to understand
3. Test papers are coded by alphabets like A, B, C and so on
4. Mark carefully on ORS as it would be filled by pen which is not changeable
5. Think before marking the answers as there is negative marking for Class VIII to XI.
6. After completing the test, tear off the strip on the right side of the “ORS” and carry the carbon copy of the “ORS” with you. Keep the same
with you for any future reference
7. Students will not be allowed to leave the Examination hall before 03:30 PM.
8. Keep this admit card safe for TALLENTEX 2018 reward & ALLEN scholarship, as would be applicable based on your result

Notice: The information contained in this document is confidential, privileged and only for the intended recipient and may not be used, published or redistributed without the prior consent of ALLEN Career Institute.
05/Oct/2017 05:14:47 PM

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