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Name : Stevanus Widuri Nursusanto, S.Pd.

Username : 18160915710003

Class :B

Reflection Day 4 Cyle 1 October 4th 2018

1. What is the most challenging topic in semester 1 and 2 to teach?

When I threw back my memory some years ago, the first time I taught English for senior
high students grade X in 2011 I faced challenges to teach descriptive text and recount
a. In semester 1: Descriptive text
1. How to teach the language feature?
2. The generic structure
3. How to identify the social function of the text?
4. Vocabularies
5. The gap between the basic knowledge and the minimum standard to achieve
b. In semester 2: recount
- About the generic structure
- How to explain the language feature which consisted of:
1) Vocabularies
2) Past tense
2. What did I do when I teach this topic for the first time?
At first I made a little observation about my students’ need. I thought they had a big gap
between the background knowledge and the standard competence I wanted to teach to
them. It was really frustrating at first because I faced this condition. I realized that it was
my challenges. I had to conquer the burden.
I prepared my own module/hand outs consisted of:
a. List of vocabularies needed for the text
b. Examples of texts with the generic structures
c. List of tenses with the examples to use them
d. Pictures and tables to give more explanations
e. Examples, exercises, rehearsals and also examinations
Afterwards everytime I entered the classroom I gave small quizzes on vocabularies to
make them learn about the vocabularies, tenses or texts.
Then, I make my own stairs to help them conquer the gap to achieve the standard
3. How can I improve my teaching for this topic?
I think I really improve my techniques and achievement to teach descriptive text and
recount text based on my methods. However, I still have the condition in the X grade
students. I don’t judge they get low basic knowledge from the teacher before but I realize
it is my responsibility. Therefore I open my mind to learn again and again by reading,
googling and asking helps from other partners or mentors. In this PPG time, I would like
to enrich my skills and knowledge from friends and the lecturers here. I am absolutely
happy to have this chance.