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Anyi LIU

DOB: Apr. 19, 1995

536 S Forest Ave, Apt 1602, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
+1(734)-881-0820 //


Hong Kong Baptist University, HKBU (Hong Kong, China) 09/2013-07/2017

 Department of Biology, Faculty of Science
 Degree: Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Applied Biology (Biotechnology Concentration)
 Member of Science Elite Program
Queensland University of Technology, QUT (Brisbane, Australia) 09/2015-02/2016
 Exchange Student
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 08/2018-present
 Department of Nutritional Sciences, MPH

Research Experience

Summer Research 06/2016-08/2016

Functional characterization of cir-1 in Caenorhabditis. elegans
 Doing basic lab duties and learning PCR, gene purification protocols, etc.
Graduation Research Project, HKBU (Advisor: Dr. Zhongying Zhao) 09/2016-05/2017
Functional Characterization of highly conserved essential genes with
unknown functions during early embryogenesis
 Insert cir-1 into C. elegans genome and see its expression. Try to identify the location of
insertion and the gene’s function

Internship Experience

Diabetes Prevention Program 09/2018-present

 Weigh and track participants’’ physical activity minutes. Helping them to lose weight, change
diet and prevent becoming diabetes
Changsha Dietitian Society and Hunan Dietitian Association 05/2018-07/2018
 Summer internship: managing an intervention that give lectures to primary school students
and high school teachers in low SES rural area
The Agrarian Adventure’s 09/2017-11/2017
 Volunteer to help to manage, participate, call for volunteers in the harvest brunch event
Tianjin Deheng Technology Co., Ltd. 08/2016-09/2016
 Working at Quality Control Department. Assisting quality management and inspection of
products, and other experimental projects

Nutrition-related Conferences Experience

 Participant, Symposium on Issue of Dietary Guideline for Chinese Women and 05/2016
Children & Discussion of Optimum Parameter to Gain Weight during Pregnancy,
Chinese Association of Maternal and Children Nutrition, Chinese Nutrition Society
 Participant, The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) 07/2015

Extracurricular Activities
 Outward Bound Training Course: Personal Development Program, HKBU 06/2015
 Member, Association of Social Services, HKBU 09/2014-09/2017
 Member, The Base of Youth Enlightenment, HKBU 09/2014-09/2015
 AMHKY Cheerleaders, HKBU 09/2014-09/2015
 General Officer, Dance Sport Society, HKBU 04/2014-04/2015
 Member of UMMoli 09/2017-present

Honor & Award

 Member of Changsha Dietitian Society 06/2018-present

 Member of Hunan Dietitian Association 06/2018-present
 Member of Nutritional Sciences Student Association 09/2017-present
 Champion, Interscholastic DanceSport Championship, Hong Kong 03/2014
DanceSport Association

Qualification & Skills

 Biological experimental techniques

 Utilize large-scale instruments, such as UV spectrophotometer, atomic spectrophotometer,
gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrometer, etc.
 Computer Skills: MS Word, PowerPoint, Access, Photoshop, etc.