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Task 2 (a) : Basic Fitting

TERMINAL PERFORMANCE - Identify 10 common metalworking tools by name and use.

- Make square and circular bends in metal, using an
anvil or vise.

- Determine tap drill sizes for specific applications

- Use files and saw blades correctly.

- Layout and drill holes with a twist drill.

- Operate power tools such as drills and saws after

completing appropriate safety tests.

Purpose: Workshop exercise will be used to relate theory

to practice as standard shop operations and procedures are

Scope of work: Handling personal safety equipment for workshop practices,

Operating and maintaining measuring & cutting equipment such as
Measuring tool, cutting – drilling.

As per attached practical project worksheet


Operation Sheet

No Operation Essential Illustrations/method


1 Safety 1. Safety precaution

Awareness 2. Personal safety Briefing by workshop
3. Workshop safety Instructor
4. Machine safety

1. Read and
2 Prepare understanding the
the worksheet given
Material 2. Select the material
and Tools and identify the tools Briefing by workshop
 Marking Tool Instructor
 Measuring
 Cutting Tool

3. The right tools for the

right jobs

3 Marking 1. Measure and mark

2. Use scriber and L
4 Filing 1. File the edge of plate
2. Measure the length
according to the
drawing given.

5 Checking 1. Squareness using L

2. Flatness

6 Centre 1. Marking plate using

Marking Steel Scriber
2. Mark all drilling
holes and cutting
3. Used centre punch to
mark drilling holes

7 Drilling 1. Drill centre hole

a -3mm using drilling
dia. machines
8 Cutting 1. Cut the pieces using

9 Filling 1. File the edge of piece

being cut
2. Check the
dimensions is correct

10 Drilling 1. Centre punch first

the location of hole
a. 5mm 2. Drill the hole using
dia. drilling machine
b. 10mm 3. Drill hole size
dia. according to

11 Finishing 1. Make sure all burrs

and sharp edges are
2. Flatness of pieces
according to

No Description Score
1 Project 20 %
2 Log Book 20 %
3 Observation 20 %
4 Report 40 %
Total 100 %