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Medical Records Officer / Philhealth Officer

Job Description
Philhealth Officer is in charge of checking and screening Philhealth claims before
transmittal. Philhealth officer must coordinates with processors and frontliners for
completion of requirements, he/she also prints transmittal letters and transmits claims to
Philhealth office.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Assist members/ patients of inquiries about Philhealth requirements and policies.
2. Receives, examines and evaluate claims for payment of various benefits or other benefits
under Philhealth insurance programs; approves or denies.
3. Advises medical providers, claimants and others on rule, procedures, policies and laws
concerning the insurance program; authorizes or denies medical treatments, surgery,
medical equipment, requests additional information, medical examinations or other
4. Ensured monthly hospital claims have been met.
5. Maintain inventory records.
6. Update the patients master file with contact information
Job Requirements:
Education and Training Requirements:
Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or any related course.
Skills and Competency Requirements:
1. Can relay information effectively;
2. Excellent reading comprehension;
3. Logistic reasoning which is use in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of alternative
solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems;
4. Analytical skills;
5. Can communicate well both oral and writing
6. Know some clerical works such as keeping important documents and records.
7. Must know how to use and understand medical terminologies.
8. Must be keen and accurate in assessing and examining patient’s condition.
9. Sensitivity, the ability to tell whether there’s something wrong or might go wrong

Job Description:
• 1) Answers inquiries from persons entering establishment: Provides information regarding
activities conducted at establishment, and location of departments, offices, and employees
within organization.
• 2) Informs customer of location of store merchandise in retail establishment.
• 3) Provides information concerning services, such as laundry and valet services, in hotel.
•4) Receives and answers requests for information from company officials and
•5) May call employees or officials to information desk to answer inquiries.
•6) May keep record of questions asked.

Primary responsibilities
•Handle inquiries from outside parties.
•Respond to inquiries by obtaining as much information as possible and finding
•Provide people with location of departments, offices, and employees within
•Answer questions about company officials.
•Keep meticulous records.
•Answer phones and route calls.
•Provide information at a hotel concerning fitness rooms, laundry, check out time,
and other need-to-know items.
•Help customer locate store merchandise.
•Answer questions about company policies such as refunds.
•Operate telephone switchboard.
•Take messages and schedule appointments.
•Pay invoices, work with balance sheets, and handle expense reports.
•Schedule meetings.
•Proofread and transcribe information.
•Perform data entry.
•Greet people and provide refreshments.
•Resolve customer complaints.
•File and maintain records management database.
•Scan documents into computers.
•Collect, sort, distribute and prepare mail, messages and courier deliveries.
•Take orders for merchandise.
•Take care of plants and maintain cleanliness of reception area.
•Process and prepare memos, correspondence, travel vouchers, or other documents.
•Process and prepare memos, correspondence, travel vouchers, or other documents.

"Receptionist and Information Clerk"

Job Duties and Tasks for: "Receptionist and Information Clerk"

1) Operate telephone switchboard to answer, screen and forward calls, providing
information, taking messages and scheduling appointments.

2) Receive payment and record receipts for services.

3) Perform administrative support tasks such as proofreading, transcribing handwritten

information, and operating calculators or computers to work with pay records, invoices,
balance sheets and other documents.

4) Greet persons entering establishment, determine nature and purpose of visit, and direct
or escort them to specific destinations.

5) Hear and resolve complaints from customers and public.

6) File and maintain records.

7) Transmit information or documents to customers, using computer, mail, or facsimile


8) Schedule appointments, and maintain and update appointment calendars.

9) Analyze data to determine answers to questions from customers or members of the


10) Provide information about establishment, such as location of departments or offices,

employees within the organization, or services provided.

11) Keep a current record of staff members' whereabouts and availability.

12) Collect, sort, distribute and prepare mail, messages and courier deliveries.

13) Calculate and quote rates for tours, stocks, insurance policies, and other products and

14) Take orders for merchandise or materials and send them to the proper departments to
be filled.

15) Process and prepare memos, correspondence, travel vouchers, or other documents.

16) Schedule space and equipment for special programs and prepare lists of participants.

17) Enroll individuals to participate in programs and notify them of their acceptance.

18) Conduct tours or deliver talks describing features of public facility, such as historic site
or national park.

19) Perform duties such as taking care of plants and straightening magazines to maintain
lobby or reception area.