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Norwood - Theatre - DUE 12/10 - 19/18 - Typed or Handwritten 

NAME ____________________________________ PERFORMANCE DATE ________________ 

Monologue Analysis/Character Breakdown  

Directions: Answer each question in short answer form. 

Given Circumstances? 

- Who are you? 

- Who are you talking to? 
- Where are you? 
- What is your character physically doing in the scene? 
- When does the scene take place? - (choose a time based on specific elements that relate 
to the situation Ex. Late, emergency, bad weather.)  


What do you want/need? 


What are the conflicts and obstacles apparent in the scene? How do they connect with 
what takes place within the monologue? 


What tactics are apparent or implied in the monologue? What do you do to get what you 


- What happened immediately before your monologue begins? 

- What happens immediately after your monologue? 

Norwood - Theatre - DUE 12/10 - 19/18 - Typed or Handwritten 


What props will you be using in your monologue? 

Character Background/Biography 

Directions: Write a one paragraph for EITHER: 1st Person & 3rd Person of a background/ 
biography for your character. This should help explain why they are the way they are, 
why they do what they do, and why they look like they look and possibly the motivations 
behind all of that. Be sure to include details about family life, friends, school, or anything 
you decide happened in their past that helped shape who they are now.  
Example 1 (from 1st person point of view):  
I was born on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak. The oldest of three boys born to 
an out of work mother. My dad stuck around long enough to see number three make his 
debut, but then he cut out. I was the man of the house at five years old and I had to take 
care of my family. School wasn’t an option for me since I had to make money. There 
wasn’t much work for a five year old, so that’s why I had to learn to make money using 
what I had, DVDs.  
Example 2 (from 3rd person point of view): 
Juan was born in the worst possible neighbor in a rough side of town. His apartment was 
right next to the railroad tracks, but it was all his mom could afford. He had two 
brothers, but his dad left after his youngest brother was born. Juan took it upon himself 
to take care of this family so he dropped out of school after 1st grade and started selling