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List of Submodalities

This is not a full list of Submodalities. These are important distinction,

but there are others that you can become curious about finding…

VISUAL Submodalities AUDITORY Submodalities

Colour or Black and White Location of the sound

Still or Moving Pitch is it High or low

3D or flat Tonality of the sound

Brightness is it bright or dim Volume

Focus is it in focus or out of focus Tempo is it fast or slow

Size is it big, small, medium… Rhythm

Distance how close it the image Source of sound

Shape what shape is the image One sound or more

Border does it have a border

Location is it close to you or… KINESTHETIC Submodalities

Associated or Disassociated are you in the Location: Where in your body do you feel it?
image or do you see yourself in it?
Direction of the movement
Larger than life or smaller than life size
Speed how fast does it move
Singular or multiple images
Is it warm or cold