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Little Things Are Big:

Setting Up Unit 2: Reading the Making Meaning from
Reader's Weather, Reading the Unit 3: Reading Poems and Poetic Author Study:
Workshop* Unit 1: Interpreting Characters: World: Purposeful History: The American Unit 4: Historical Craft in Literature Reading Like a
Unit Provided Unit The Heart of the Story Reading Nonfiction Revolution Fiction Clubs (If/Then) Test Prep Fan (If Then)
14 Sessions 19 Sessions 20 Sessions 17 Sessions 17 Sessions 15 Sessions 20 Sessions 16 Sessions
Sessions Aug 28-Sept 18 Sept 20- Oct 19 Oct 22- Nov 20 Nov 22-Dec 21 Jan 7 - Feb 1 Feb 4- Feb 28 Mar 1-Apr 12 Apr 15- May 10
RI.4.1 Details
RL.4.3 Character RI.4.2 Main Idea
RL.4.1 Details RL.4.2 Theme RI.4.5 Text Structure RI.4.3 Events
RL.4.4 Words RL.4.4 Words i.e. Cause and Effect RI.4.4 Words RL.4.1 Details RL.4.5 Poems
Standards RL.4.9 Compare Theme RI.4.7 Features RI.4.6 RL.4.1-7 RL.4.2 Theme Review Review
Seperate is Never Everybody's Sadako and the Arturo
The Origin of the Milky way and Equal * Frederick Revolution Thousand Paper Schomburg: The
Serafina and the other Cherokee stories Douglass King George: American Cranes man who built a The Shadow
Read Alouds Black Cloak Serafina and the Black Cloak Autobiography Revolution One Crazy Summer Zora Neale Hurston library Speaker
Self Discovery,
Overcoming Self Discovery, Overcoming Equity, immigration, Autonomy, civilization, Courage, Independence, DIscovery,
Theme Obstacles Obstacles justice colonization globalization Autonomy Love Adventure
Shadow speaker
African girl/ The
Winter people
strong native Cherokee experiences show a Viewing history through African setting
character, cultural lens through history. Describes the plight of a Information on with life lesson of
Cultural immigration, Serafina describes a poor girl people of color for lense of people of color Analysis of death 1920s self discovery in historical figures believing in your
Relevance colonization living in NC equity who were enslaved through Asian culture a racialized society of color unique abilities

Month August September October November December January February March April May June
Unit 4: The
Launching the Unit 1: The Arc Unit 2: Boxes and Poetry Anthologies: Literary Essay:
Writer's of Story: Writing Bullets: Personal and Unit 3: Bringing
W.4.2Write Writing, Thinking, and Writing About
Unit Workshop
W.4.3 Write narratives to develop Realistic Fiction Persuasive
W.4.1 Write Essays
opinion History to Life
informative/explanato Seeing More Fiction
17 Sessions
real or imagined experiences or 21 Sessions 20 Sessions
pieces on topics or 23texts
ry Sessions
to examine a 20 Sessions 20 Sessions
Sessions Aug 28-using
events Sept effective
28 technique, Oct 1- Nov 2 Nov 5-supporting
texts, Dec 21 a point Jan
15 Feb 18- Mar 22 Apr 1- May 3
descriptive details, and clear event of view with reasons ideas and information
Standards sequences. and information. clearly.

Exemplars: Native Americans

"'A True Friend"* and African
"My Father is My Most Americans during the
Important Teacher"* Revolutionary War*
Mentor Texts Pecan Pie Baby *Online *see Ms. Ashley Fox