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1. Man : Is that your father’s car ? A. congratulation C.


Woman : Yes, it is B. compliment D. intention

Man : Wow, that’s wonderful 4. Mr. Dendi : This is Lasmi. She is my wife.
Honey, this is Piki
Woman : Thanks
Mr.Piki : Hello, I’m Mr Piki, Mr Dendi’s
What does the man compliment ? Friend. Nice to see you
Answer : (B. The woman’s father) Mr. Dendi : Nice to see you, too
A. The woman Who is Mr. Dendi ?
B. The woman’s father Answer : (C. Mr.Dendi’s husband)
C. The woman’s talent A. Mr Piki’wife B. Mr.Piki’s child
D. The woman’s car C. Mr.Dendi’s husband D. Lasmi’s son
2. Mr. Romi : Welcome to our class. It’s nice 5. When she arrives at school 6.45 am, Atty
to see you again greets her teacher by saying …. Answer : ( A.
Pupils : Nice to see you, Sir Good morning)

Mr. Romi : Well, I have a new friend for you, A. Good morning B. Good night
Rico. Say hello, Rico ! C. Good afternoon D. Hello
Rico : Hello, how do you do ? Read the following text to answer questions
Pupils : Hello, how do you do number 6 and 7.

What is Pupils’s profession ? Dear Wulan,

Answer : (B. a new student) Congratulation on your success on the college

entrance exam. May today success be just the
A. a new teacher beginning of your long life achievement and
happiness. Remember the challenge is
B. a new student
waiting for you in the college. Nevertheless, I
C. a headmaster believe that you can handle it well. Good
D. Mr Romi’s son
Your best friend, Fitri
3. Yudi : What a nice dress !

Yola : Thank you very much

The underlined phrase expressing ……

Answer : (B. compliment )
6. The purpose of the text above is .... B. Growth D. Departure
Answer : (B. To congratulate someone)
Number 10-14
A. To persuade someone
One day, Nasreddin was up on the roof of
B. To congratulate someone his house, mending a hole in the tiles. He had
nearly finished, and he was pleased with his
C. To entertain someone work. Suddenly, he heard a voice below call
D. To invite someone “Hello!” When he looked down, Nasreddin
saw an old man in dirty clothes standing
7. What has Wulan done? below. “What do you want?” asked
Nasreddin. “Come down and I’ll tell you,”
Answer : (C. Passed the college entrance
called the man. Nasreddin was annoyed, but
he was a polite man, so he put down his tools.
A. Won the contes Carefully, he climbed all the way down to the
ground. “What do you want?” he asked, when
B. Invited Fitri to his celebration day he reached the ground. “Could you spare a
little money for an old beggar?” asked the old
C. Passed the college entrance exam
man. Nasreddin thought for a minute. Then
D. Graduated from University he said, “Come with me.” He began climbing
the ladder again. The old man followed him
Read the following text to answer questions all the way to the top. When they were both
number 8 and 9. sitting on the roof, Nasreddin turned to the
Congratulation! beggar. “No,” he said

We are happy for the arrival of your new 10. Why was Nasreddin on the roof of his
family member. Wish you and your family all house? Answer : (B. He was fixing the roof )
the best. May the happiness always with the A. He was looking at the view
beautiful baby, A B ninda and her family.
Hope she will be a nice girl in the future. B. He was fixing the roof

8. What is the writer's hope for the baby? C. He was waiting for the old man
Answer : (C. Being a nice one)
D. He was resting
A. Being a smart guy

B .Being a rich person

C. Being a nice one

D. Being the success girl

9. "We are happy for the arrival ..." What is

the antonym of the underlined word? Answer
: (A. Birth)

A. Birth C. Death
11. Who was the old man? B. Clean D. Bright

Answer : (D. A beggar) 15. Today is Wednesday. 3 days ago was…

Answer : (D. Sunday)
A. Nasreddin’s father
A. Monday C. Tuesday
B. A roof seller
B. Thursday D. Sunday
C. Nasreddin’s friend
16. A : Hi Jhon How do you do?
D. A beggar
B : … Answer : (D. Hi, I’m Fine)
12. Why did Nasreddin go down the ladder?
Answer : (B. He wanted to speak to the A. Hi C. Hi, how are you
B. Hi, how do you do D. Hi, I’m Fine
A He wanted to get away from his work
17. Hamid : ……………..?
B. He wanted to speak to the beggar
Ahmad : I’m 15 years old. Answer :
C. Because the beggar asked him to (B.How old are you?)

D. He wanted to take some roofs A. How are you?

13. The following sentences are true based on B.How old are you?
the text except…….
C. How many age are you?
Answer : (D . Nasreddin asked the beggar to
climb up the ladder) D. What is your old?

A. Nasreddin was mending his tiles when 18. Jhon writes a letter to his father.
someone called him Past Tense of the sentence above is….
B. Nasredin didn’t look down when the old Answer : (A. Jhon written a letter to his father
man called hi yesterday)

C. The old man asked some money to A. Jhon written a letter to his father
Nasreddin yesterday

D . Nasreddin asked the beggar to climb up B. Jhon wrote a letter to his father
the ladder tomorrow

14. Nasreddin saw an old man in dirty C. Jhon wrote a letter to his father now
clothes standing below… (line 4). The D. Jhon wrote a letter to his father last
antonym of the underlined word (DIRTY) night
19. Hamid : John, I’m so bored hearing Mr.
Answer : (B. Clean) Brown speech.
A. Bad C. Safe Faiz : Why do you say so?
Hamid : His speech is too long. 23.According is the passage, we know that
Aji is... Answer : (B. A naughty boy)
From the dialogue we know that Hamid
expresses his…. Answer : (B. Boredom) A.The writter ‘s youngest brother

A. Happiness C. Sadness B. A naughty boy

B. Boredom D. Disappointe C.the writter’s elder brother

20. If you look at the front of large, modern D. A friendly boy

hospital, you may notice that there are two
separate entrances. 24.From the text, we many conclude that...
Answer : (D.Aji is a welcoming person)
The underlined word means………. Answer :
(B. See) A.many people do not like Aji

A. Find out B. See C. Carry D. Hear B.people is older that the writter

The following text is for questions number C.Aji is awkward boy

21-25 D.Aji is a welcoming person
Aji 25. ” He is fiveteen years old...than me”.The
Aji is the youngest in our family.he is underlined word refers to.. Answer : (A.Aji)
fiveteen years old and five years younger than
me. he has long,straight,hair,bright eyes,and A.Aji
friendly smile.sometimes he is rather naughty
B.the witter’s brother
at homembut the usually does what he is
asked to do. Aji interested in sports very C.the writter
much,and at school’he plays football and
basketball. He is the best tennis player in our D.the writter’s family
26. Nova: When did she go?
21.The writter is...years old. Answer :
Irna: She…an hour ago.What is the
appropriate word to fill theblank? Answer :
A.Fiveteen C.eighteen (A. Go)

B.sixteen D.nineteen A. Go B. Went D. Gone d.Goes

22.Wich of the following statement is not true 27. Mount Blanc – is – Geneva – near – lake-
about Aji? Answer : (D.he is the oldest in the ?
The good arrangement of the wordsabove
A.He has long and straight hair is… Answer : (A.Mount Blanc is near Lake
B.He is not interested in sports

C.He has bright eyes

D.he is the oldest in the family

A.Mount Blanc is near Lake Geneva? 31.The orientation is in paragrapgh… Answer
: (A.One)
C.Lake Mount Blanc is near Geneva?
A. One B. Two C.Tthree D.Four
B.Lake Geneva is near Mount Blanc?
32.The text is a Answer : (C. recount )
D.Is Lake Geneva near Mount Blanc?
A. narrative C. recount
28.Dr. Indra – is – Japanese – Chinese – or - ?
B. Procedure D. Descriptive
The good arrangement of the wordsabove
is… Answer : (A. Dr. Indra is Japanese or 33.Ike : “Hi,my name is Ike”
Riyan : “Hi Ike,I am Riyan.How do you
A. Dr. Indra is Japanese or Chinese? do?”

B. Is Dr. Indra Japanese or Chinese? Arif : “.....” Answer : (A.I am good )

C. Is Japanese Dr. Indra or Chinese? A.I am good C.I am fine

D. Is Japanese or Chinese Dr. Indra? B.How are you? D.Thank you

I was driving along the coast road when the The following text is for number 34 to 35
car suddenly lurched to one side. You know
what happened? At first Ithought a tire had Audy : “Hello, my name is Audy Susanto.
gone flat but then I saw telegraph poles What is your name?”
collapsing like matchsticks.It’s terrible, isn’t Filzy : “Hello,Audy. I’am Filzy Setiawan.
it?Next, guess what! The rocks cametumbling you can call me Filzy.”
across the road and I had to get outof the
car.When I got back to town, well as I Audy : “I live in Jakarta. How about you?”
said,there wasn’t much left.My God, that was
Filzy : “I live in Bandung,How old are you?”
a nightmare.
Audy : “I’am 16 years old.And you?”
29.The structure of the text is…. Answer : (C.
orientation – events – reorientation) Filzy : “I’am 15 years old. What is your
A. orientation – complication – resolution
Audy : “My hobby is reading.How about
B. goal – materials – steps
C. orientation – events – reorientation
Filzy : “My hobby are singing and dancing”
D. introduction – identification –description
Audy :”Oh,I also like that!”
30.Another example of a recount is ….
Filzy : “Ok.See you later”
Answer : (B.Application letter )
Audy : “see you”
A.diary C.News

B.Application letter D.Myth

34.Where does Audy live? Answer : (A. 38.When will the meeting take place?
Answer : (D.At 1 p.m after school)
A. Jakarta C. Cirebon
A.In the OSIS room
35.How old is Filzy? Answer : (C.15 years
old ) B.On 5th January 2011

A. 13 years old B. 14 years old C.At 2 p.m after school

C.15 years old D. 16 years old D.At 1 p.m after school

36.What is Audy’s Hobby? Answer : (D. 39.“Your attendence will be highly

Reading) appreciated.” The underlined word means ...
Answer : (B. Presence )
A. Singing B. Painting
A.Consequence C.Participation
C. Sleeping D. Reading
B. Presence D. service
SMP Putra Bangsa
The following text is for questions number 40
To: All OSIS members and class captains to 43

Dear all,We will hold a meeting on:

Afgan Syah Reza
Date : 15th January 2011
His full name is Afgan Syah Reza.He
Time : After school (1 p.m) was born on 27 may 1989 in Jakarta.He is
Place : OSIS room well known as talented young singer.Afgan is
quiet tall.His height is 170 cm.He has an oval
The agenda of this meeting is reorganizing face,short hair.He is easily known because
theOSIS members.The attendance will be there are dimpless on his check when he is
highly appreciated.Please be on time. smiling and always wears glasses. Afgan’s
favorite music is pop,R&B,soul and jazz.That
OSIS Chairperson OSIS Secretary
music influence his way to sing.Afgan likes
Darian Mona eating.His favoite food is Balado Potato.He
loves it because it’s delicious.
37.The text invites ... to attend the OSIS
meeting. Answer : (C.OSIS members and all 42.What is his full name? Answer : (B.Afgan
class captains ) Syah Reza )

A.OSIS members A. Afgan Herdianto B.Afgan Syah Reza

C.Afgan D.Afgan Reza
B.All class captains
43.When was he born? Answer : (C.27 May
C.OSIS members and all class captains 1989 )
D.All students and teachers of SMP A. 25 May 1989 B.26 May 1989 C.27
PutraBangsa27 May 1989 D.28 May 1989
40.What is his favorite music? Answer : B.Solo Singer D.Artist
(D.everything is correct)
45.What make people like Raisa? Answer :
A. Jazz B.Pop C.R&B D.everything is (C.Her song entitled Raisa is booming)
A.She is talented singer C.Her song
41.What is his favorite food? Answer : entitled Raisa is booming
(C.Balado potato )
B.She is good person D.She is
A.Fried chiken B.Fried Rice C.Balado beautiful
potato D.Noodles
46.”Her debut album entitled Raisa...” The
42.Where was he born? Answer : underlined word has the same meaning with..
(D.Jakarta) Answer : (D.Beginning)

A.Bandung B.Cirebon C.Yogyakarta A.Best C.Great

B.Popular D.Beginning
43.What is his full name? Answer : (B.Afgan
Syah Reza ) This dialog is for questions no. 47-50.

A. Afgan Herdianto B.Afgan Syah Reza Shinta : “I heard you won the first prize for
C.Afgan D.Afgan Reza your short stroy. .... (47)

The following text is for questions number Wulan : “ ... (48).”

44 to 46 Shinta : “As your freind I’m ... (49).”
Raisa Andriana and also known by the Wulan : “Thank you.”
name is Raisa.Raisa is a solo singer who
carries the genre of pop music, R&B,soul and Shinta : “You deserve it because it’s a very
jazz.previously,Raisa is not publicly known a good story.”
solo singer.Raisa had been vocalist in a band
Wulan : “... (50)”
that formet by Kevin Aprillio,called Andante.
She became known after the song titled ‘serba 47. a. Congratulations! c. Very produd of
salah’ make’s Raisa’s name appears as one of you
the guest on the stage of the Java Jazz
Festival 2011. Her debut album entitled Raisa b. Thank you d. Really! e. What are
own name produced and relased in 2011 by you doing?
solids records and universal music Indonesia.
Answer : (a. Congratulations!)
This beautiful woman also stars a lot of
advertisement. She gets an attention of many 48. a. Very proud of you
people not only because melodious voice but
also because of her good personality. b. Congratulations

44. What is Raisa’s profession? Answer : ( c. Thank you

B.Solo Singer) d. That’s a pity
A.Vocalist Band C.Actress
Answer : (c. Thank you)

49. a. very proud of you

b. thanks

c. thank you very much

d. really

Answer : (a. very proud of you)

50. a. Really?

b. Of course

c. Thank you

d. Sure

Answer : (c. Thank you)




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