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Reinforced Concrete Slab

Reinforced concrete slabs are large plates that are supported at its sides by reinforced concrete
beams, beams, walls, columns, steel beams, or by the ground. If a slab is supported on two opposite sides
only, they are referred to a one-way slab since the bending occurs in one direction only. If the slab is
supported on all four sides it is called two-way slabs since the bending occurs in both direction.
One- Way Slab
One-way slab is a slab that bend in one direction usually along the short span. The ratio of longer to
shorter span is more than 2 and the main bars are placed parallel to the shorter span to resist cracks and
shrinkage. A temperature bars are use and place on top of the main bars (bottom bars) perpendicular to
the shorter span.
“The slab which resists the entire/major part of applied load by bending only in one direction”
 If slab is supported on all four sides and R = (Shorter side / Longer side) < 0.5 it behaves as one-way
slab. Analysis and Design of Slabs
 Slabs having supports on less than four sides can be designed as one-way.
 Two edge supported slab is always one-way.
 Cantilever slab is always one-way.
 Main steel is only provided parallel to span
 One-way slab is designed as singly reinforced rectangular section.
 h(min) for the slab is different compared with the beams.

S --------------------------------------------------

When L/S > 2 therefore it is a one-way slab


S- shorter span

L- longer span

Examples of One-Way Slab

 Shades in the roofing system (cantilever)
 Slab of stairs
 Cantilever retaining walls
 Footings Analysis and Design of Slabs

ACI Specifications:

tmin= 100mm (suspended slab)

minimum concrete cover= 20mm

minimum structural cover= 20mm

Spacing of main bars, Sr:

𝐴𝑏 (1000)
𝑠𝑟 = 𝐴𝑠𝑟

Smax= 3t nor 450mm (whichever is smaller)

Spacing of temperature bars, 𝑆𝑡 :

𝐴𝑏 (1000)
𝑠𝑡 = 𝐴𝑠𝑡

Smax= 3t nor 480mm (whichever is smaller)

Area of temperature bars, 𝐴𝑠𝑡 :
𝐴𝑠𝑡 = 0.002b(t) (fy= 300- 345 Mpa)
= 0.0018b(t) (fy= 400- 415 Mpa)
𝐴𝑠𝑡(min) = 0.0014b(t)
𝐴𝑠𝑡 = 0.0018𝑏 ⋅ 𝑡 ( 𝐹𝑦 ) (fy> 415Mpa)

Minimum dia. of RSB = 12mm

Minimum dia. of temp. bars = 10mm
Assume values of slab thickness, t
𝑆 𝑓𝑦
1. Simply Supported Slab: t= (0.4 + )
20 700
𝑊𝑆 𝑆 2
Mmax= 8

2. One- end continuous slab

𝑆 𝑓𝑦
t= (0.4 + )
24 700

𝑊𝑆 𝑆 2
S Mmax= 18

3. Both- end continuous slab: 𝑆 𝑓𝑦

(0.4 + 700) Ws
𝑊𝑆 𝑆 2

4. Cantilever slabs:
𝑆 𝑓𝑦
(0.4 + 700)
𝑊𝑆 𝑆 2
S Mmax=

Distribution, Temperature & Shrinkage Steel for Slabs (ACI-318-7.12)

 Shrinkage and temperature reinforcement is required at right angle to main reinforcement to minimize
cracking and to tie the structure together to ensure its acting as assumed in design
 Top and bottom reinforcements are both effective in controlling the cracks

s(max) shall be lesser of following Analysis and Design of Slabs

1. 3 x h (field practice is 2 x h)
2. 450 mm (field practice is 2 x h)