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Cornell Notes

Lecture, reading/chapter/novel/article Name: ______Moore/Goynes______________

during class, power point, movies (if need
to collect info.) Class: ___ELA______________ Period: ________
Topic: Due Date: ___11/6/18_________________________
Poetry Elements and Literary
Devices CBA 2 Review

So how does a poet effectively convey

Essential Question:
(show) his message in a poem?
Critical Questions/Main Ideas: Summary of My Notes:
1. How do we define I think poetry is a piece of writing structured into lines
Poetry? and stanzas often highlighting poetic devices such as
imagery, figurative language, rhyme scheme (pattern),
and expression ____________________
2. How do we I think a poem is organized into lines and
identify the stanzas.________________________________________
organization of a
3. What can we infer I infer different types of poems are written with different
about different patterns, structures, and characteristics.
poetic forms? _____________________________________________
4. How does the poet I believe the poet writes with literary devices to enhance
use literary devices the main message (theme) and imagery within the poem.
to enhance the ______________________________________________
meaning of their
5. How does sensory In my opinion, the sensory language creates a stronger
language connection and experience to the poem’s overall message
contribute to for the reader (these literary devices allow the reader to
meaning? see, hear, touch, feel, smell the ideas presented in the
6. What does diction It seems to me that the poet selects specific word choice
(word choice) in order to emphasize and highlight what is happening in
suggest about the poem.
poetic techniques? ______________________________________________
7. How does rhyme I wonder if rhyme scheme affects the reader by creating a
scheme (rhyme lyrical experience that may create strong emotion or
patterns) affect the enjoyment for the reader.
structure of a ____________________________________________
8. How do we I agree that sensory language is different than figurative
compare language because sensory language is the author’s craft
figurative that consists of what the reader can see, touch, taste,
language to smell, or hear, but figurative language includes simile,
sensory language? metaphor, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, and
9. How do readers I think I can demonstrate my understanding of a poem
indicate their by using SSIFFT to show evidence of my thinking about
understanding of a the poem’s main ideas and central message (theme).
poem? ______________________________________________
10. What strategies do I believe that good readers can dissect a poem by taking
good readers apply SNOTS (small notes on the side) about the subject, main
when trying to interpret ideas in each stanza, imagery, figurative language, tone,
a poem? and theme of the
Summary: Poets use examples of these poetic characteristics in order to deepen
meaning, increase interest, and entertain the audience with his central message