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UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)

Name of Teacher Candidate Samantha Evans

Lesson Overview
Grade Level Kindergarten
Estimated Time Needed 30-40 minutes
Students will learn how to find books that are just right for them. They will
practice this at their desks with their book bag during reading time. During
independent reading time they will read their just right book. This lesson is
Lesson Description used mostly as an introduction to prepare students for shopping for just
right books the next day. There will be a follow up lesson in the next unit
of study to reinforce “just right books” within their own books the students
shopped for.
K.21B follows oral directions that involve a short-related sequence of
Content Area Standards
Technology Standards N/A
Objectives We will learn to choose just right books

Just right book- a book that is just right for you. It isn’t too hard or too easy
Terms/Vocabulary Porridge- Students may not know what this is from the book. Explain that
it is like oatmeal.
Technology Resources We will not be using technology for this lesson.
Teacher will need a copy of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, just right anchor
Other Resources
chart, teacher book bag, pen and paper for notes.

Lesson Procedures
A step-by-step description of the
scope and sequence of lesson
activities, with estimated time on
task noted in parentheses for each
step. In other words, completely Describe how each stage of
Cite specifically what
describe the flow of the lesson-the the lesson will be managed,
resources for this activity
content to be presented, and the including role of teacher and
will be used, and describe
This template is built on strategies to be used. Include actual learners (who is doing what
in detail how they will be
words you will use and questions at each point), location
the traditional “Madeline you will ask students. Consider items (e.g., classroom, computer
Hunter” lesson structure. Note who will be using the
such as: parts of the lesson that lab, outside), and any
tool and in what ways. Note
might be difficult, and how you will special considerations, such
any safety considerations
know whether you can go on; how to as for differentiated
ensure that students completely instruction.
understand directions before
releasing them to work
independently; and what students
will do if they finish their work early.
Students should be
“Readers, we learned how The teacher should be
sitting on the carpet
important it is to use our catching the students
Focus/Anticipatory Set in their assigned
schema when we read a attention and making a
(motivational hook) rectangle. If students
book. Schema helps us connection to real life
start to get wiggly
understand the story better. and previous learned
have them do a “seat
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
Something else we can use material. The students check” to make sure
to help us understand the should be on task they are criss-cross
story better is making sure listening to the teacher. and focusing on the
we choose book that is “just teacher.
right” for us.”
Read students Goldilocks
and the 3 Bears. “Goldilocks
goes through the bear’s
house looking for porridge, a
chair, and a bed that are just Goldilocks and the 3
right. When readers go to the The teacher should be Bears will read and
library or bookstore to get a giving instruction during used for this part of
new book, they choose one the mini-lesson on the the lesson. The
Content-input that is just right too!” carpet. The students anchor chart will be
(Could include content should be sitting in their prepared ahead of
outline, presentation, Fill in prepared anchor chart. designated spot on the time and the teacher
questioning, modeling, carpet. The teacher will fill it out with the
examples) The teacher should model should also fill in the students. The
with a teacher book bag anchor chart and teacher book bag will
during the mini-lesson. – model with teacher also be prepared
“Readers, just like we want book bag. ahead of time and
our clothes to fit us just right, used to model.
we want to read books that
are just right for us. We don’t
want it to be too hard or too
easy, but just right.”
Dismiss students to
Dismiss students to walk
The teacher should be seat by table
back to their seat. Have them
guiding the students to numbers. Have one
pull out their books from their
choose a just right person from each
book bags and guide
Guided Practice book when they get to table get the book
students in choosing a just
(identify students who their seats and have bucket from the
right book. Remind students
failed to master lesson their book bags. The cabinet. Before
to use the 5 finger rule from
objectives.) students should be letting students open
the anchor chart and that
looking through their book bag go over
their book should be
books to find a just expectations (voice
interesting to them!
right book. level, staying on
(reference anchor chart)
Students should be reading Students should be
The students should be
their just right book they reading their books
independently reading
chose during independent gently and
(10-15 minutes). Walk
reading time. After respectfully.
around the room and
Independent Practice independent reading time Students should also
monitor students as
(reteaching and transition students to buddy be buddy reading at
they choose a just right
enrichment) read on the tape around the a whisper on their
book and
room. Their buddy is their line of tape on the
independently read.
elbow partner at their table. floor. The students
Conference with
Students can read their just are only allowed to
students and take
right book with their buddy. sit with their partner
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
notes. Buddy reading where there is tape
(10-15 minutes) present around the
Have students go back to
their seats. “Class Class”
Please pick up your books This is the time for the
and put them in your bag. teacher to wrap it up
Walk back to your seats and and remind students
put your heads down so I what we learned today. The teacher can use
know you are ready to move The students should be and reference the
Closure on. Today and every day you at their seats quietly. anchor chart for this.
should read books that you The teacher can also (rules for just right
enjoy and that are right for call on students to see books)
you!” Have the students put what they learned or
their book bags in their table how they chose their
bucket and the person who just right book.
got the bucket can put it

Plans for Differentiated Instruction/Accomodations

Special Education
N/A We have no special education students in our class.
English Language
N/A We have no ELL students in our class.
Gifted and Talented N/A We have not assessed students for this.

Potential Challenges/Plan B
If students are having trouble staying on task during read to self or buddy reading pull students together to move
on. If students are not grasping the concept of choosing their just right book work with them one on one. If the
whole class is having trouble, pull the class back to the carpet to go over just right books again.

I will be using informal assessments for this lesson. During independent practice I will be monitoring
students as they read. I will also be walking around to conference with students at their tables or while
students are buddy reading on the carpet. I will have my clipboard to take notes.

Notes and Credits

There are many lesson plan ideas available, from other teachers, curriculum guides, and online. You are
free to use whatever information you find to inspire your lesson planning, provided:
1. You properly cite your sources;
2. You fit the information into this required lesson format, meaning you will need to add additional
information to complete the lesson; and
3. You modify the lesson to fit your objectives and student needs (You will almost never teach any
lesson as is – even those found in your teacher’s guides. You will always know best what the
individual learners in your classroom will respond to.)