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Cindy M.

Contact Info Office Online Resources
979-862-8835 Bush School of Government & Public Service Curriculum Vita (full) Texas A&M University
1027 Allen Building Bush School Writing Website

Having taught college-level writing courses for over 30 years and directing the writing program at the Bush School
for the past 3 years, I have experience in writing instruction, program and curriculum development, assessment,
teacher training, instructional technologies, and educational research. I am committed to investigating and
applying how new pedagogies can be used to help students foster lifelong learning, to sharpen critical-thinking
and writing skills, and to adapt to ever-changing, diverse workplace environments.

M. A. in English with emphasis in rhetoric and composition and linguistics from Texas A&M University, December
B. S. in Secondary Education with emphasis in English from Texas A&M University, December 1984

Skills and Experience

Teaching & Curriculum Design

• Taught college-level technical writing and other composition courses in regular and computer classrooms
as well as in web-delivered and “flipped” formats. Currently teach a 0-credit course on professional writing
skills to students working toward the Medal of Excellence.

• Assisted faculty and staff from various academic disciplines with developing writing assignments,
instructional materials, and rubrics and delivered workshops to students in those courses upon request.
Clients have included the Department of Ecosystem Science & Management, the Master of Land &
Property Development, Brigham Young University, the TAMU Qatar campus, and the Higher Colleges of
Technology—Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.

• Designed writing courses, trained faculty, supervised graduate assistants, and taught courses to students
in several departments, including Physics (approx. 250/semester), Chemical Engineering (100/semester),
Honors Programs (50/year), and the Bush School.

• Taught professional development online course on preparing academic ePortfolios to graduate students in
STEM disciplines for the Center for the Integration of Research Teaching and Learning (CIRTL).

• Taught a First-Year Seminar, one of the High-Impact Practices supported by the TAMU Office of the
Provost. Curriculum required students to use a sophisticated, interactive virtual technology, Second Life®,
to learn about teamwork and communication as they also learned about meeting the expectations of
university life.
Program Management and Instructional Support

• Currently coordinate all writing program functions for graduate students at the Bush School. The goal of all
program operations is to improve students’ writing skills as they prepare for their public service careers.
Support includes creating print and online resources, including the Bush School Writing website, holding
individual consultations (approx. 200/year), and leading workshops (approx. 30/year); recruiting
prospective students during interview weekends and training new students during orientation on
graduate-level writing; instructing participants in the Scowcroft Institute Army Fellowship Program,
including weekly meetings and online resources to help them complete their major research projects;
overseeing the Bush School Medal of Excellence, including delivering workshops, conducting individual
consultations about students’ written work, tracking participation, assessing each ePortfolio for writing
quality and approval for award recognition, overseeing the engraving for award recipients, and
participating in the awards ceremony; and supervising assistants who help lead workshops, prepare
materials, oversee resources, and consult with students.

• Supervised students completing their senior honors theses as part of the University Honors Fellows
Program, including organizing symposium presentations; providing thesis writing instruction; serving as
point-of-contact for students and advisors; evaluating progress and completion of theses according to
department and manual standards and for publication at the Digital Repository at Texas A&M.

Facilitating and Assessing High-Impact Learning

• Currently help facilitate the program-level assessment plan for the Public Service & Administration
department at the Bush School. Support includes identifying measures for evaluating student learning
outcomes and gathering data, defining benchmarks for achieving learning outcomes, developing action
plans for improving student learning, and writing the assessment report for institutional review and

• Created multiple resources and conducted workshops for supporting faculty in implementing and
assessing high-impact practices as directed by the TAMU Quality Enhancement Plan. Support includes
creating activities and materials that can be used to reinforce learning acquired through capstones, field
trips, and internships and used for program-level and institutional assessment.

• Created ePortfolio templates that aligned program-level learning goals and employment competencies
with evidence of student learning (e.g., reflections and artifacts that demonstrate learning outcomes).
Clients have included BYU and TAMU programs: Ecosystem Science & Management, Master of Land &
Property Development (MLPD), Chemical Engineering, and Honors Programs. 

Recent Work History

The Bush School of Government Direct graduate-level writing program August 2014 - present
& Public Service

Department of Chemical Taught CHEN 301: August 2010 - 2014

Engineering Engineering Workplace Writing

Center for Teaching Excellence Consulted on curriculum design, Summers 2011-2013

teaching and training

Department of English Taught ENGL 301: Technical Writing September 1986 - August 2010
Office of Honors Programs Coordinated Honors Research Fellows January 2005 - August 2008

Department of Physics Coordinated writing program for August 2003 - December 2004
physics students

Leadership Development Developed curricula for international client May 2010 - August 2010

Professional Development, Activities, & Service (2016-17)

Bush School Co-Representative to Aggies Commit to Center for Teaching Excellence Advisory Board
Learning for a Lifetime (TAMU QEP)

Bush School Assessment Co-Liaison Bush School Curriculum Committee

Co-Leader for Merge (pre-marital counseling) Advisor to Aggie Sisters for Christ

Refereed Presentations (2011-16)

Raisor, C. (2016). "Discover, Develop, Document, and Deploy: Creating an Effective ePortfolio Context for Graduate
Programs.” Refereed presentation. 2016 Western Regional Conference of The Association for Authentic,
Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL). Texas Christian University. Fort Worth, Texas. 1 March.

Raisor, C. and Bullock, J. (2016). "Aligning Graduate-Level Assessment, Teaching, Student Learning, and
Professional Development through the ePortfolio.” Refereed panel presentation. 7th Annual ePortfolio Forum-
Association of American Colleges & Universities. Washington, D.C. 23 January.

Raisor, C. (2014). "Integrative Learning Portfolios: Leveraging Students’ Knowledge, Experience, and Heart." 39th
Annual POD Conference. Dallas, TX. 5-9 November.

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presentation. TAMU Office of Institutional Assessment 13th Annual Assessment Conference. 18 February.

Booth, G., Fowler, D., Raisor, C., Saginor, J., and Anderson, K. (2013). "Crossing the Rubicon: How the First
Comprehensive Curriculum Reform of a Master's Level Program at Texas A&M University Can Give Heart and
Inspiration to Other Faculty Facing this Challenge." TAMU Office of Institutional Assessment 13th Annual
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Second Life® to Teach Across the Disciplines” Refereed panel presentation. Teaching with Technology Conference,
Texas A&M University, February 7-8.

Selected Invited Presentations

Raisor, C. (2014). "Select, Connect, Reflect through an ePortfolio." Invited presentation for the Academy for
Future Faculty. Texas A&M University. 24 November.

Raisor, C. (2017). "Reflective Writing--Engaging, Assessing, and Managing Grade Load for Learning that 'Sticks.'"
Invited presentation for the TAMU Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Professional Development in Teaching.
1 February.

Raisor, C. (2016). “What Are You Selling: Learning How to Select, Connect, and Reflect to Reach Your Buyer.”
Invited presentation for the EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service). Texas A&M University. 28
September. Also delivered for the CTE’s Academy for Future Faculty. Texas A&M University. 28 March.

Raisor, C. (2014). "Select, Connect, Reflect through an ePortfolio." Invited presentation. Academy for Future
Faculty. Texas A&M University. 24 November.

Raisor, C. (2014). Empowered and Employable through E-folios: a Crash Course. Invited presentation. TAMU
American Institute of Chemical Engineering 2014 Southwestern Regional Conference. 22 March.

Raisor, C. (2013). "If You Build It, Will They Come? Demystifying Reflection to Target Instructional Outcomes and
Empower Learning." Invited presentation. 16th Annual Wakonse South Conference on College Teaching. 7 April.


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