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General Part 23-FEB-2017 Introduction | = Table of Contents General Information 1 Genera 10 2 Preface 10 3 ‘The Lico/RouteManual Structure 2 4 Genera Part Content 30 5 Regional Supplementary Information (RSI 40 6 Country Rules and 6.7 -CRAR Index 50 fopeios (ore 62 Decoding of Nationality Letters to CRAR 85 7 Aisport Operational information Ol) 101 8 Depiction of Information at Cross-References / Hyperlinks: 110 82 ‘Notes and Examples 110 83 Tailored Information 110 84 Change Marks 120 84.1 Electric Version 120 B42 Print Version. 120 8.43 Revision Highichts in the Lio/eRouteManual 130 85 Page Numbering Conventions 130 85 Numbering Stucture ofthe Lio/RovteWarual Text Part 40 9 ‘Writing Conventions on Frequently Used Wordings: 150 92 Indication of Speed 150 10 RouteManval Revision 1C.1._-—_—PageiChart Frame Information 180 10.2 Puslication Media and Distribution Channels 170 103 Revision Service 170 104 ‘Exceptions to AIRAC Effective Date and Time 180 a é ‘Sheet 1202986 General Part — 10-MAR-2016 Introduction 10 ‘1General r In the folowing docurmants the term “Lido/RouteManual" (RM) is used, which is equal to the EASA OPS term "Operations Manual Part C* (OM-C). | a) Right crews shall always refer i their operalor specific manuals, such as OM-A, OMB | ‘or OM-D. In cave of contradict information between operator specie manuals and | the LideRouteManual, the operator specific manual shall tke precedence. Note: | |b) Flight crews shall always consult the latest NOTAM complementary to using the } Lido/RouteManual. 2 Preface oY ‘ General 4) The Leo/RouteManual is designated to be used 2s @ flight procedure manual and contains regulations, procadures, data and information to ensure. safe flight operations. The use of the Lido/Routeltanual must always be supplemented with good judgement and safe operating practices ding al phases of fight operation. b) All customers, as well as licensed thied parties, are invited to report to Luthanse Systems Fighitlay ‘nc. any discrepancies observed in thi manual ‘c)Amendimonts tothe LidoRoutoManual are made by the issuance of revisions which are delivered oth tlectronically andlor in paper version. For the paper version it is the responsiblity. of the LidofRouteManual holder to insert the rovion sheets at the proper place, recording this on the checklst for amendments and checking that al revisions have been received d) Revisions are issued weekly or on other cydes as coordinatad with each customer and distributed to the subscribers €¢) Holders of the Lico/RouteManual shall Keep themselves familiar with the contents and study the revisions carctul. Copyrights 1} Lufthansa Systems FlightNlav nc. has the copyright on the entire content ofthe Lido/Route Manual {including maps, cravings, plans and other representations) The chats and text pages may not bo Teproduced, stored In a retrieval system of transmitted in whols or in pat, in any form or by any means, whether electronical, mechanical, by photocopying, recorsing or otherwise, without the prot vite permission of Lufthansa Systems FilghtNa inc. Lufthensa Systems FlightNav Inc. P.O. Box 202 (GH-8058 Zurich-Aitport Swtzeriand: ) The use of the charts, text pages and information supplied herein is restricted to be used by the Tespetne customer ay, Undo cumstances shal a cus low a fi party fo coy, wee ‘and/or have access to the charts, text pages or information therein. Customer use of the products, ‘and/or services provided by Litthansa Systems Flghtilav Inc. are solely for the purposes ‘contractually agreed upon ©) “Alservices Australia” copyright notice: Materials fom the Australian Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) are copyright ty Alrservices Australia and are reprodiced under icense. Sr 06 OE é 3 3 eile 2016 General Part 410-MAR-2016 20 Introduction ‘The Lido/Route Manual is divided into two parts: the General Part and the Network Part. General Part ‘The General Part contains standards and recommended practices based on ICAO, FAA and EASA publications. ‘This ensures that all applicable world-wide standards are covered in the RouteManual Network Part ‘The actual content of the Network Part depencs on the incividual customer's area of operation and its operational requirements. Udo/RouteManual Structure ‘AportFaclity Charts ‘Arport Ground Charts “Arport Parking Charts Low Visibility Charts Departure Charts -pz-zam4 Yisual Approach Charts 4 inimum Radar Vectoring Charts rae RFC | Route Facility Charis { c| Note: For the structure of the Lido/eRouteManual and the Lido/mPibt, refer tothe user guides ofthe respective procucts. vamezo Shoot 1058295