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Book Information Sheet

Basic Electronics: Includes Solved Problems & MCQs,

B. Somanathan Nair & S.R. Deepa

2009 348 pp Paperback ISBN: 9789380026039 Price: 245.00

About the Book

The present book is meant for the first-year engineering curricula of various universities in India. It describes the basic theories of electron
dynamics, semiconductor physics, semiconductor diodes, bipolar junction transistors, field-effect (junction, MOS and CMOS) transistors, voltage
and power amplifiers, oscillators, power electronic devices (SCR and UJT), and operational amplifiers. It further describes radio, mobile, fiber-
optic, satellite and microwave communication systems. It also deals with the basic theories of radar, electronic instrumentation, Boolean algebra
and logic functions. The book has more than 250 diagrams to illustrate the theories described and numerous worked examples.

Salient Features
Salient Features:

 Simple, to-the point treatment of all major concepts in basic electronics (diodes, transistors, rectifiers, amplifiers, communication systems,
instruments, number system, Boolean algebra and digital logic) is the hallmark feature of the book.
 The chapters are profusely illustrated with line diagrams and tables for a better grip on the text.
 Each chapter is embedded with a lot of worked examples and review questions at the end of the chapter.
 It includes solutions to the problems for each chapter in Annexure 1, and Annexure 2 contains multiple choice questions with answer keys.

Table of Contents

Electron Dynamics
 Basic Semiconductor Theory
 Semiconductor PN Junctions
 Rectifier Circuits
 Special-purpose Semiconductor Diodes
 Bipolar Junction Transistors
 The Field-effect Transistors
 Bipolar Junction Transistor Amplifiers
 RC-coupled Amplifiers
 Sinusoidal Oscillators
 Special Amplifiers
 Silicon-controlled Rectifier
 Operational Amplifiers
 Communication Systems
 Basic Electronic Instruments
 Number Systems
 Boolean Algebra and Digital Logic
 Index.

About the Author

B. Somanathan Nair :- B. Somanathan Nair is currently the Principal, S.H.M. Engineering College, Kadakkal, and
a Visiting Professor in the Department of Optoelectronics, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Formerly, he was the Principal and Head
of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in various Government Engineering Colleges in Kerala. Prof. Nair is the
author of 23 textbooks in the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

S.R. Deepa :- S. R. Deepa is Principal, KMP College of Engineering, Cherukunnam, Ernakulam.