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Submitted By
Fuhad Ahmed
Strategic management

Submitted To
Prof. Alauddin M A Wadud, BP
Major General (Retired)
Evaluation of Pran products using BCG matrix
Products chosen: Cake and pastry, Pran UHT milk, Pran fruto, Tumeric powder

Current market share scenario:

Products Relative market share %

Pran UHT milk 83%
Cake and Pastry 59.5%
Pran fruto 36%
Tumeric powder 6%

Market growth scenario:

Products Market growth %
UHT milk 8%
Bakery 15%
Juice 12%
Spices 3%

Pran Fruto Cake and Pastry

Tumeric powder Pran UHT milk

BCG matrix analysis

Star: Star category represents high growth and high market share. The Pran-RFL Group, which
recorded more than $500 million in turnover through domestic sales and exports last year. The segment
has high potential. Tasty Treat is gaining popularity among consumers day by day and the response
encourages Pran to expand business continuously.
Cash Cow: Represents low growth, high market share. Market growth is very less compared to market
share. There are not enough producers of UHT milk. Powdered milk is mostly imported from outside.
Question Mark: Represents high growth, low market share. There are some major competitors that’s
why the market share is low.
Dog: Represents low growth, low market share. The turmeric products are quite available in the local
market at low price so the market could not be captured properly.


Star: Products in the Stars are having high growth and high market share. With proper management,
supervision and marketing they will retain growth and in the long run will turn to cash cow.

Cash cow: Product in the Cash Cows are having high market share, but growth is comparatively less, as
because they have already captured high market share. Now they need to hold them. These are the best
products from which the company basically enjoys the 'milk' of success.

Dog: Products in the Dogs are having low growth, low market share. Toxic substance was found in
Turmeric Powder, for which eventually PRAN is planning to close the production.

Question mark: Products in the Question Marks, which have not yet received wide popularity in the
market, but have the potential for high growth.