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Menu Item Description Price

Samosa With potatoes, onions​, peas, $2.00

coriander, and lentils, may be
served with a mint or tamarind

Curry turmeric, cumin, ginger, and $5.00

fresh or dried hot chilies

Bhatura Bread. All-purpose flour $1.50

Pani Puri One puri with Potatoes, .60

onions, salt, and some
special water made with
water and masala.

Dosa Pancake/Hopper. Ground rice, $1.90

urad dal

Chicken 65 Popular deep fried chicken $6.30

preparation. Chicken, onion,

Paratha Bread. Wheat flour. Can be $5.50

stuffed. Common stuffings:
potato mixture, paneer,
muli(white radish).

Chole bhature Main course. ​Chick peas​, $1.70

assorted spices, wheat flour
and yeast for bhatura.


Menu Description Price

Coke Oke, Diet Coke, Sprite $1.00

Ice tea With ice and without ice, .99

Coffee With ice and without ice, With $1.99

fracking, cold, hot, large,
small, medium,

Lennon lade cold,hot,medium,large,small $1.50

Smoothies cold, hot, with ice, with only $3.20

one fruit or more.


Menu item Description Price

Rabri A sweet, condensed milk $11.00

based dish made by boiling the
milk on low heat for a long time
until it becomes dense and
changes its color to pinkish.
Sugar, spices, and nuts are
added for flavor. It is chilled
and served as a dessert

Pantua Chhena​, sugar, ​ghee $2.30

Jaangir Black gram $5.90

Sheer korma Vermicelli pudding, milk $4.00

Puran poli Wheat​ flour, gram, jaggery $3.50

Anarsa Slightly fermented rice flour, $ 3.00

jaggery, khus-khus seeds

Basundi Sugar, milk $3.00

Shrikhand A creamy dessert made out of $ 4.80

strained ​yogurt​, often served
with dried fruits such as

Menu Description Price

Chicken It is fired really good. $2.40

Tomatoes It is fresh every day $.90

Bread It is sweet .70

Mustard and mayo It is homemade $1.50

shredded cabbage It is fresh and it is farmed in $2.00

our own house

cucumber It is fresh and it is farmed in $1.50

our own house


Menu Desciption Price

Ghee​ (​clarified butter​), wheat $8.50

Baati flour

Biryani Main or side dish. The mixed $9.00

rice dish, optional spices,
optional vegetables, meats or
seafood. Can be served with
plain yogurt

Butter chicken Also known as ​murgh mahal $6.00

Chana masala Chickpeas of the Chana type $7.60

in the tomato-based sauce.

Chapati Bread. Whole wheat flour $2.00

Chicken T​ikka Chicken marinated in a Yogurt $5.65