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Fundamental Pediatric Training

Nursing Kid
Nursing Kid realistically represents a six year old and is ideal for
clinical training of the care and management of pediatric patients.
Nursing Kid paired with the SimPad® System helps facilitate
delivery of consistent simulations into nursing curricula.

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Nursing Kid
PATIENT CARE • Complete urinary catheterization SIMPAD® SYSTEM FUNCTION
• Irrigation of the eye and ear (simulated) • Will retain indwelling or straight catheter • Handheld, intuitive touchscreen remote for
• Nasal packing • Enema procedures may be performed easy ‘pick up and play’ experience
• Ear, eye, nose and mouth care • Mobile - teach anywhere
• Gastric lavage and gavage IV/IM TRAINING • Operate on-the-fly or utilize scenarios and
• Full range of motion for realistic patient handling • Articulating IV arm with replaceable skin Themes for consistent simulation training
• Dressing and bandaging techniques possible and infusible vein system allows peripheral • Time stamped activities, vital signs, and
intravenous therapy and site care instructor comments are captured in the
• Pediatric transfer techniques possible
• Venipuncture possible in the antecubital fossa event log
and dorsum of the hand • The SimPad log files can be viewed on the
• Accessible veins include median, basilic and device or on a PC using Session Viewer for
• Insertion, securing and care of endotracheal post-simulation reflection and debriefing
• Thigh (bilateral), deltoid, and gluteal • Upload self-authored scenarios and Themes,
• Insertion and suctioning of oropharyngeal or download pre-programmed scenarios
intramuscular injections (unilateral)
and nasopharyngeal airways directly from SimStore
• Tracheostomy care and tracheal suctioning
• NG tube insertion, care and removal
• Heart sounds synchronized with ECG PATIENT MONITOR (OPTIONAL)
• Various oxygen delivery procedures
• Auscultated lung sounds synchronized with • Touchscreen simulated patient monitor
breathing, 0 - 60 BPM provides concise clinical feedback for
PULSE physiological parameters.
• Individual lung sound selection
• Manually generated carotid pulse
• Normal or abnormal bowel sounds • The monitor’s color screen is configurable
• Vocal sounds: Computer-generated sounds, and provides multiple simulated parameters,
INTERCHANGEABLE GENITALIA each presenting multi-level alarms.
recorded vocal sounds and real-time voice
• Interchangeable male and female genitalia input via headset • Simulated parameters include HR, ECG,
with connector valves and urinary and colon SpO2, BP, RR, Temperature, and etCO2
• User generated vocal sounds

350-05050 Nursing Kid Light Skin 200-30001 SimPad® System
Includes: Full Body (six year old) SimPad-Capable Available in 3 skin tones: Includes: SimPad, Link Box, 2 AC Power Supplies, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Manikin, Airway Lubricant, Simulated Blood, Battery, Wrist Strap for SimPad, Manikin Strap for Link Box, Manikin Adapter
Hospital Gown, and Carry Case. Light Tan Brown Cable, SimPad Sleeve, USB Cable, Ethernet Cable and Directions for Use.
277-00001 Pediatric Wound Modules 400-09201 Tablet Simulated Patient Monitor (11.5”)
400-29301 All in One Simulated Patient Monitor (23” panel)

Ope r a t i o n SimCe nte r S er vices

Nursing Kid is controlled by the Visit to learn how to optimize Laerdal offers comprehensive
SimPad® System and can be utilized your simulation training using SimCenter and Nursing Kid
Educational Services to support your
with an optional simulated patient curriculum, and Technical Services to
monitor. meet your product servicing needs.
Whether you are setting up a one-
SimStore TM
Access to validated, standardized content from industry experts
room simulation site or a multi-bed
simulation center, Laerdal can help.
SimManager TM
A suite of online tools that allows you
to fully optimize your entire simulation center operation

SimView TM
A debriefing solution giving you the ability to study
** SimPad Unit required for operation. Sold separately ** simulation events more closely

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