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My speech is about the life of German corporal who fought in World War I and He

participated in World War II as the leader of Germany. This person is Adolf Hitler.

It is said that Hitler was interested in the anti-semitic, anti-marxist ideas. Hitler´s speeches

grew more and more popular in the party gatherings.

In his speeches, He focused on talking about democracy and attacking rival and Jewish


He became famous in 1 934, after a series of revolts. He was proclaimed Führer and


While He was chancellor, He spoke to the people on the radio. He told them that Germany

is a miser. There are millions of unemployed in industry and in the field. He was afraid

that German nation would collapse and the inheritance of so many years be lost.
Also, He said that the nation would come out of unemployment and farmers would be

rescued and be a fundamental pilar for the nation. After a while He began to eradicate

unemployment with a series of measures as: subsidies, boosting the private industry and

reduction of taxes.

At the end of the year 1 937 unemployment was reduced to only one million. In one of

his interviews in the United States, He said that Americans have defended the principles

of ladder but should give the opportunity to all to climb the ladder.

He always wanted equality and a better life for citizens. One of his speeches that struck

me was Called me a dreamer.

He started saying that He was happy because Germany is beautiful and the following

generations will continue to improve and that his dream is doing reality because He

always thought in Germany and not regret nothing of what has made. If He was not a

dreamer, the rebirth of Germany had not gone.

I think that Hitler was a person that had many dreams and He did them regardless of the

consequences. His goal was always Germany and the thoughts He conveyed made sense

but after a few years He became crazy. Equality and good living that He wanted was one

of what more liked it.