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To: Staff
From: Manager
Date: 19 October 2010
Subject: Booking the Company Junk

Booking the Company Junk

Staff at the company's grade 8 and above are entitled to use the company junk, bookings of
which can be made through the Personnel Manager's office.

The following rules and regulations should be observed:

1 Each booking should be made by completing a copy of the booking form together with a
cheque payment of HK$1,200 made payable to Multicorp Enterprises.

2 When, on the day of the use of the junk, the Observatory issues a tropical cyclone signal (no.
3 and above), or a thunderstorm or flood or landslide or rainstorm warning, the use of the
junk is automatically cancelled. The user will be refunded in full.

3 A minimum of three working days' notice is required for cancellation, failing which no refund
will be made.

4 Day-time cruises should not exceed a total of eight hours, between 0900 hours and 1800
hours, while evening cruises should not exceed a total of five hours, between 1700 hours
and 2300 hours (2300 hours on disembarking and at Aberdeen Public Pier only).

5 For safety reasons, a maximum of 18 people (adults and children alike and inclusive of the
two boatmen) are allowed. The boatmen reserve the right to not proceed with a journey if the
total number of people on board exceeds 18.
Rewrite the memo so that it is reader friendly. Use the outline
below as a guide.

To: Grade ___________________________________

From: ___________________________________

Date: ___________________________________

Subject: ___________________________________

1. B_________________

• Book _____________________________________________________________

• Complete ________________________________________________________to
Multicorp Enterprises

2. C_________________

By ______________:

• give ______________________________________________ refund

By ______________:

The company _________________________________if:

• the ___________________________________________ cyclone

signal 3 or above, or warnings for thunderstorm, flood, landslide or

• _____________________________refunded

3. O_________________

Staff ____________________________ Junk:

• for _____________________

- 8 hours______________________________________________hours

- 5 hours ________________________________________(disembark at
Aberdeen Public Pier)

• with _____________________________ (adults and children) __________

_______________ the two crew