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Metal & Alloys Corporation

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Company Profile

Since it’s inception in 1983, Metal & Alloys Corporation has established itself as a re-

puted name for quality raw materials in the welding electrode and steel industries.

Today Metal & Alloys Corporation is recognized country wide as a leading trader of

Ferro Alloys, Minerals, Metal Powders, Mineral Sands and Refractory Materials. We

stand by our commitment to create value for our clients and provide quality prod-
ucts to them.

Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. P.R. Agarwal, Metal & Alloys Corporation aims

to achieve growth by:

• investing in newer products and diversifying the product portfolio

• expanding the competencies of our employees

• maintaining the quality of the products by the industry standards

M/s Metal & Alloys Corporation are also the selling agents of M/s Almora Magnesite

Ltd., Almora (U.K.).

In 2010, the company took a leap forward with the incorporation of MVR Minerals

& Alloys, Mundka, Delhi as its sister company, which has been growing since then

under the leadership of Mr. Mayank Agarwal who brings international exposure to

the firm after having studied in the states for 2 years.

Metal & Alloys Corporation

Specification (Ferro Alloy Powders)

Ferro Manganese Mn C Si S P
ELC 80-85 0.10 2.5 0.030 0.15
LC 80-85 1.0 1.0 0.030 0.15
HC 70-75 6-8 2.5 0.030 0.10

Ti C Si S P
Ferro Titanium
30-35 0.10 1.5 0.030 0.030

Ferro Chrome Cr C Si S P
LC 65-70 0.10 1.0 0.020 0.020
HC 60 4-6 2.0 0.030 0.10

Ferro Molybde- Mo C Si S P
num 60 0.10 1.50 0.050 0.050

Ferro Silicon Si C S P
Atomized 43-48 0.10 0.020 0.030
Stabilized 43-48 0.10 0.020 0.040

Va C Si S P
Ferro Vanadium
50 0.15 1.50 0.025 0.025

* All the values specified above are in percentages.

** Other grades for some materials are also available with us but only the grades suitable

to welding electrodes manufacturing are mentioned here. Please feel free to contact us

for other grades.

Metal & Alloys Corporation

Specification (Metal Powders)

Item Name Element % age

Aluminium Metal Powder Al 99

Chromium Metal Powder Cr 99

Copper Metal Powder Cu 99

Iron Metal Powder Fe 99

Magnesium Metal Powder Mg 99

Manganese Metal Powder Mn 99

Nickel Metal Powder Ni 99.50

Specification (Mineral Sands)

Item Name Element % age

Ilmenite Sand TiO2 58-60

Rutile Sand TiO2 90-92

TiO2 94 min

* All the values specified above are percentages.

** For Mineral Sands, we have other grades also available with us. Please feel free to en-

quire about the same.

Metal & Alloys Corporation

Specification (Minerals)

Fluorspar Powder

CaF2 96.0

SiO2 1.0

CaCO3 1.0

Moisture 0.50

Size 85% passing through 100 Mesh

Magnesite Powder

MgO 82 - 85

SiO2 10.0

Fe2O3 1.0

CaO 0.50

Loss On Ignition 2.0

Size -200 Mesh

* All the values specified above are percentages.

** Other Grades of Magnesite also available.

*** We can also provide you with Feldspar Powder, Soapstone Powder, Calcite Powder, China

Klay, Red Oxide Powder, Graphite Powder, Bentonite Powder, Vermiculite, Perlite Ore and

other minerals.

**** We can also source for you various Chemicals and Binders used in Welding Electrode Man-

ufacturing like Chrome Oxide Green, Potassium Titanate, Strontium Carbonate and Cellulose.

Metal & Alloys Corporation


Metal & Alloys Corporation

Contact Us

Metal & Alloys Corporation MVR Minerals & Alloys

A-1B/128A, DDA Flats, Plot No. 22A, Road No. 4,

Paschim Vihar, New Delhi - 110 063, INDIA Mundka Udyog Nagar (South),

Telefax: +91-11-25282940 Mundka, Delhi - 110041, INDIA

Email: Telefax: +91-11-25282940 Email:


Contact Persons:

Mr. P. R. Agarwal Mobile: +91-9810043460

Mr. Anil Aggarwal Mobile: +91-9310043460

Mr. Mayank Agarwal Mobile: +91-9717667799

Mr. Vineet Agarwal Mobile: +91-9717332100