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Submitted by:
Christian Philip B. Verosil

Submitted to:
Sir Jefrey Fulgar Gaufo
1.) Benjamin Lao – Lao Integrated

He is known as Uncle Ben in Barangay Eman,

Bansalan, Davao del Sur. Before, he used to work in
the Bureau of Immigration until he realized that his
passion is into farming. He inherited a five-hectare
piece of land from his parents and decided to
develop it into farm.
2.) Jaime Matabang – Calamansi

Inspired by other successful calamansi growers,

Jaime Matabang decided to buy grafted calamansi
plants from Talisay, Batangas to have the planted on
his one-hectare piece of land. He also said that one
good thing about calamansi farming is that it does
not need much caring unlike other fruit-bearing
3.) David Jocson and Rosa
Magsaysay – Rosa Farms

Rosa Farms, known as producers of the best

varieties of carabao mangoes and organic fruits and
vegetables, is located in the province of Zambales.
This 12.5-hectare farm was foundedin 1920 by the
couple, David Jocson and Rosa Magsaysay. Before, it
was developed as a rice field which was referred as
4.) Grover Rosit – Cocoa Orhard

He was a farmer who has a rags to riches story when

he pushed through his passion in planting cocoa
trees. He never expected that these cocoa trees will
bring him a comfortable life. Before engaging into
planting cocoa trees, he was a postman wherein he
received a moderate wage. Now, he is earning 50
times than his previous jobs. He began his cocoa
orchard by managing 50 trees, 100 trees, then 3000
trees and now with 15 000 more scattered in
different points in the country.
5.) Senen Bacani – La Fuerta Inc.

He was the former head of the Department of

Agriculture during the presidency of Corazon Aquino.
He was also the former country manager for Dole
Philippines and Costa Rica. Due to his broad
knowledge in agriculture, he is now the chief
executive officer (CEO) of the La Fuerta
6.) Joseph Calata – Calata

The youngest business tycoon in the country started

by studying their family business and through his
passion to develop their business, Calata
Corporation is now the country’s largest distributor
of agrochemicals, feeds, fertilizers and seeds.
Joseph Calata believes that the agricultural sector
be empowered for it will bear great products. He also
treats their farmers as their best asset for they will
not be the biggest agricultural conglomerate without
7.) Paris Uy – Live Green International

Paris Uy’s advocacy for organic products has been

welcomed in the country. He is into producing
organic vegetables which today is very in demand to
many. Live Green International Inc., is now
distributing fresh produce and organic products to 19
outlets in the country including well-known malls
and establishments. They also opened the first
whole foods store in the country named Organiko.
8.) Arsenio Barcelona – Harbest
Agricultural Corp.

From his travel to Taiwan, Arsenio Barcelona was

inspired by the technology and techniques used in
their farming. He then brought this information back
to Manila. In 1997, Known-You seeds Co. Ltd., the
largest and most prestigious seed breeder, producer
and distributor in Taiwan, got them to be the
exclusive importer and distributor of their products
which then led to the Harvest Agricultural
9.) Edith Dacuycuy - Refmad Farms

Edith Dacuycuy of REFMAD farm owns the largest

dragon fruit farm in the country located in Ilocos
Norte. Her dragon fruit farm was a result of her
search for a cure for her daughter’s illness. The
Dragon Lady, as she is called, was able to grow her
business thru process innovation and research, and
her farm is very notable for its zero-waste farming
practices. With the expansion of her business, Edith
realized the need to register her agribusiness and
encourage other local farmers to engage in dragon
fruit production.

Credited for saving the waling-waling in the

Philippines from extinction, Charita Puentespina’s
passion to grow orchids and love for plants led her to
establish her own business. Growing up, she has
always loved plants perhaps because her family is
into agriculture and their backyard is full of plants
and vegetables. Charita was enticed to grow orchids
by her friends who had beautiful orchids in their
homes. She knew that she can grow them herself.