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In the Marysvil e Municipal Court, Union County, Ohio

State of Ohio,

Michael H. Disabato,
Defendant Case No. 17 CRBOI0I0

Journal Entry

This matter came on for a jury trial on the 28th day of August 2018. Defendant came innto
Jeff Ratliff and Rocky Ratliff, Defendant having entered a plea of
Court represented by Attorneys
the charge of Telecommunications Harassment in violation of Ohio Revised Code
not guilty to
Section 2917.212 (a) 5.
Wherefore th trial began on August 28th 2018 and having heard all the testimony adduced by both
parties, the jury in writing made its findings, to wit: Guilty as to the charge.
Sentencing was continued to October 18,2018.
Counsel for the defendant having been given anopportunity to speak on behalf of
Defendant, and Defendant personally having been given an opportunity to make a statement on

his own behalf and present information in mitigation, and no good and sufficient cause being
and nothing said by defendant to why sentence should not now
shown mitigate
to punishment as

be imposed, Judgment and sentence was pronounced as follows:

For the offence of Telecommunication Harassment, you are sentenced to pay a fine of
One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) and the court costs, and juror's fees for these proceedings;
You are sentenced to One Hundred and Eighty Days in the Tri County Jail;
Further, One Hundred and Eighty Days in Jail is suspended on condition that:
You successfully complete three years of probation, under the standard terms of probation
for this court, and
You not violate local, state or federal laws and conduct yourself lawfully for the three
year term of probation,
and costs in installments of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) month due on the
You pay fines per
fifteenth of each month until paid in ful l , or until probation i s terminated.
You shall have no contact directly or indirectly with Bret Adams, personally or

texting, email, other electronic unless in the

through third parties, by mail, telephone, or means,

presence of, or at the direction of counsel.

You shall give the court written notice of your current address so long as you are on

That notice only be given by a court change of

probation, or owe any fmes or court costs. can

address form filed in the clerk of court's office.

The Clerk of Courts is ordered to serve all parties with a copy of this entry as a final
appealable order and to note service of this order in the appearance docket of this court.

Wherefore, Defendant was advised of his right to appeal and to do so without cost, his
counsel if unable to obtain counsel, and his right to documents required in that
right to appointed
without and his right to have motion of appeal timely filed on his behalf. As the
appeal cost; a

result of these admonitions and Defendant's replies thereto, appellate Counsel was not asked for
or appointed.


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