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Running Head: World Epidemic Lesson

College of Sothern Nevada


Former CCSD Employee

Brayan Martinez

Technology has come a long way from when I was a child in a CCSD school.

When I was in Elementary school in the first grade it was the year 2002. In our
Running Head: World Epidemic Lesson

classroom, Mrs. Ortman had 3 big black computers, and we also had access to a

computer lab. Being introduced to technology at an early age really gave me an

advantage in life!

Recently, I visited my same old Elementary school to do my observation, and by

luck, my observation teacher was my old first-grade teacher! I was amazed that after 12

years I saw the same teacher in the same classroom and teaching the same grade! The

classroom had a complete makeover she now had an Elmo instead of a projector cart,

and a new desktop. One thing I noticed, she had some old computer for the kids.

Thankfully they were not the same ones when I was in her class.

As a millennial older people got accustomed to asking me for help whenever it

comes to technology. My first example is the most recent, a co-worker of mine has his

own company and wanted me to make him a website. He said he wanted it simple and

it would take less than 40 hours to make. Clearly, he didn't know how to or who can

make it. It took me about three hours to get all the information he wanted and pictures

onto the website. He was surprised and very grateful and gave me some money in

return for something I didn't find difficult at all.

Technology has also really given me an advantage in the real world by being

able to fill out online applications. Most jobs these days require you to fill out an online

application because it makes it easier for the company. Uploading resumes, attaching

documents, and electronically signing papers is very useful to know how to do as an

adult. As we grow old so does the technology we know, so we must accustom to new

technology and teach our students to prepare them and have them ready for life. A

study showed that “Eighteen 2nd grade students were challenged to complete a PowerPoint

project about an animal. Sixteen out of the 18 students remembered more facts about the animal
Running Head: World Epidemic Lesson

after completing the presentation.”. (Cox 5) This proves that students can learn more efficiently with


Overall my experience as an educator really opened my eyes to how important

technology really is. Without technology, I do not think I would be where I’m at today if it

was not for the knowledge of today’s technology. Each day technology advances and so

must the lesson that is being taught, students should not lose this race in the technology



Standards are like laws there are certain standards for the country and each

state have separate laws/ standards. In each state there are separate school districts

and each school district will have different standards that will need to be taught. For the

most part, the state standards just build upon the national standards.

For Nevada computer and technology standards under created in a novation

there only three national indicators. From those three national well state standards are

created throughout a students 2-12 grade career. A National standard for

communication and collaboration using technology is, “Contribute to project teams to

produce original works with solve problems”. The 12th grade standard 2.D.12.1 for

Nevada is, “ contribute electronically to a group project that identifies the problem,

present resolution, and evaluates the solution“.

I believe that the national standards are made vague in order for the school

district to adjust it to how they want. The national standard is simple to read and follow,

the 12th-grade standard has more information and instruction on what exactly needs to

be done. As the state standards of grades increases so do expectations and mastery of

Running Head: World Epidemic Lesson

technology. Starting from second grade as you proceed the state standards by grade

level one will need the previous lesson taught to be able to complete the next standard.

Standards will continue to be used as they are a great way to track progress and

continue to educate students on important criteria. Standards will change as different

skill are needed to fulfill positions in our community and nation. As the nation is relying

more on technology than they did when I was in school, the standards have adjusted to

make sure students are not left behind in this technology race.

Lesson Plan

Name of the lesson: World Epidemic

• Grade Level Appropriateness: 12th`

• Technology Content Standard Addressed:

2.D.12.1 Contribute electronically to a group project that identifies a problem, presents

solutions, and evaluates the solutions

• Other Content Standard Addressed: •

2.D.12.2 Justify method of electronically interacting for a specific goal or

purpose,2.D.8.2 Choose a method of electronically interacting for a specific goal or

purpose,2.D.8.1 Contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve problems


Students Will Be Able To Identify a world epidemic and work together with peers

to make a project that contains a problem, hypothesis, and an answer. The project must
Running Head: World Epidemic Lesson

be turned in online and either be presented in Powerpoint, Prezi or any other format that

is used in presenting.

• Materials needed to facilitate the lesson: (List should include hardware, software,

and all other hands-on instructional materials needed)

Paper, pencil, computer access, a form of online communication among

students, student contact information page, access to the internet, access to

Powerpoint, Prezi or any other format that is used in presenting

• Suggested group size: (How many students will be working together on the project)

3-5 students will be considered a group.(most groups will be 4, if there is more or less

adjust to 3 or 5.

• Procedures: (Step by step narrative for implementation of the lesson.)

Once the bell rings student should promptly sit down and begin writing today’s

agenda, that you will be pulling up from a desktop icon labels this week's agenda. After

you take attendance you would describe the project to the students and then put them

in random of groups of four students. Students will then have to come up with a pre-

write among the group about a world epidemic.(students know where the pencils and

papers are located in the class) As a teacher you must decide if epidemic the students

have chosen has enough information and good points to proceed, if they don’t, send

them back to the desk so they can work on another one or edit the one they have. Once

you give them the ok that the topic is and the information is great, students to make a

generic form exchanging communication information. Students may go on the

computers to begin their research, as there is enough computers in the classroom each
Running Head: World Epidemic Lesson

student. Students will need at least three facts and two graphs in their project. Students

will work on this project for approximately 2 to 3 one hour classes. When students are

accomplish they must send it to you via attachment. Then they must also present on the

following day. Remember the students are seniors in high school so they must be

creative throughout this project and little to no help is needed besides direction.

• Assessment:

Students will be graded based on the generic rubric. They will be granted and if

they have the title slide, at least eight body slides, and a reference slide. I will also be

great if they have their fax and graphs in their projects. Students will be great as a

whole and as well as student peer evaluation.


Cox, J. (n.d.). Benefits of Technology in the Classroom. Retrieved from