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18/10/2018 Gmail - Re: (No Subject)

ventas online <>

Re: (No Subject)

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ProtonMail Abuse <> 18 de octubre de 2018, 2:44

Responder a: ProtonMail Abuse <>
Para: ventas online <>

The account in question has been disabled for violating our terms and conditions. We have received multiple reports that
this account was used to send spam or unsolicited messages.We receive reports from the recipients, but we can't
disclose much more than this, because the information may be abused.
Also, we can't disclose which addresses the reports came in from.You are welcome to create a new account, however, if
the same behavior continues, we will disable it as well.

Best Regards,
ProtonMail Abuse Team

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On Wednesday, October 17, 2018 1:40 PM, ventas online <> wrote:

Vlatko (ProtonMail)
Oct 16, 14:37 CEST


Thank you for contacting us.

This account was disabled for violating our terms and conditions and sending spammy,
undeliverable or unsolicited messages. ProtonMail is not intended for bulk messaging, or sending
unsolicited messages.

You can send your complaint to our abuse team at and they will review your


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18/10/2018 Gmail - Re: (No Subject)

Hello My name is Pedro Eduardo Flores Flores I write to you from Mexico where we do
not have any right and any software can violate our international rights just I am an
investigation where I am denouncing an artificial Intelligence that through the adhesion
contracts suppresses the international treaties and Rights Humans surprisingly make
the complaint to the media that are within the largest military attack on the news that
guarantees the pulitzer your company decides to eliminate communication between us
I wonder if he has the ability to read my private mail in order to denounce what I am
doing with my personal messages that in my country is called espionage I ask you to
give me access to the account that you generate in your company when I search for
security because I am dealing with government matters and it offers security for the
people who communicate with me It is not in my interest to do any kind of commercial
fraud or scam or send any kind of spam It is also not my interest to give an explanation
of what I intend to do with your mail I read very well and I know very well how they are
used I did not authorize the content of my mails is an international right that no
membership contract and no company can violate


Oct 16, 01:01 CEST

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Title: AbuseForm: Eduardomx
Username: Eduardomx
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18/10/2018 Gmail - Re: (No Subject)

Please back my account ..

I really need it to get acces to another acounts

ventas online <> 18 de octubre de 2018, 11:25


that's impossible

the account in question is used to contact only the media ...

It is impossible that there is any complaint ..

the account just use it to contact the press ... I am in the middle of an international complaint and you directly interfere in
a conspiracy

I have the right to private communication ... your systems can not make use of the information of the emails

there is no complaint of the emails sent ..

your company is now part of a political conflict in Mexico

by withholding evidence arguing falsely

I demand the content of the emails the answer of the same ones

I do not have to explain the private use of emails

you interfere with a pulitzer and it will be part of the note like censorship

if the intention of your company is to preserve your image ..



Automatic systems can not be used to suppress freedom of the press and the free expression of ideas

do not trade any product ..

I do not advertise any ..

you accuse me of fraud ... disqualifying my research

actually .. it's part of the censorship

and what security exists in a mail allegedly encrypted if you check the activity and the content of the emails

you have no complaints from the press ..

you are lying on behalf of the media to exercise sensibility in a political conflict
I request access to my account immediately ...

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