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The Chairperson

Senate Standing Committee on IT/Telecom

Government of Pakistan

Subject: Increase in Pension to TIP Pensioners Revision of Basic Pay Scale,

ADHOC Relief, Increase in House Rent Allowance to the TIP
Regular Staff by Adopting the Government of Pakistan Finance
Division (Regulating Wing) Office Memorandum.
(i) No. F.4(1)-Reg.6/2017-830 dt 3-7-2017 (Annex A)
(ii) No. F.4(1)-Reg.6/2018-663 dt 3-7-2018 (Annex B)
(iii) No. F.1(3)-Imp/2017-500 dt 3-7-2017 (Annex C)
(iv) No. F.1(3)-R-4/2011-Revis dt 4-8-2017 (Annex D)
(v) No. F.1(2)-Imp/2018-370 dt 2-7-2018 (Annex E)
(vi) No.F.2(2) R-5/2018 dt 2-7-2018 (Annex F)

Respected Madam,

With profound veneration / Gulfraz Awan Sr. Foreman (Retired) PPO No.2/1247
TIP Haripur Resident of H.No.53-C/25 Chamanabad Misrial Road Dhoke Syedan St.25/2
Rawalpindi Cantt would like to draw your kind attention toward Government of Pakistan
Finance Division (Regulation Wing) office memorandum cited above. Telephone
Industries of Pakistan under the control of Ministry of Information Technology and
Telecommunication, Secretary MOIT, GOP is Chairman TIP Board of Directors. Secy
IT/Telecom and MD/TIP are responsible to adopt all instructions contained in the GOP
Finance Division.
2. That with the reference of my application dated 6-6-2018 to Secretary IT&
Telecom (Chairman TIP Board) through Senator Rubina Khalid Sahiba Chairperson of
Senate Standing Committee (SSC) on IT & Telecommunication for Payment of arrears of
increased pension to Tip pensioners and payment of arrears of revised basic Pay Scale to
the regular staff of TIP.
3. That my request was placed before Senate Standing Committee meeting was held
on June 8th 2018 after detail discussion Secretary Ministry of IT and Telecom and
Managing Director Telephone Industries of Pakistan (TIP) Haripur were present in the
meeting they were directed to pay arrears of increased pension/revised Basic Pay Scale
to all pensioners and regular staff of TIP.
4. That Management of TIP adopted the Government of Pakistan Finance Division
(Regulating Wing) office memorandum issued in the years 2015 and 2016 and paid
arrears through bank account of every individual on dated 4 th July 2018 but neither
adopted Government of Pakistan Finance Division office memorandum issued during the
years 2017-2018 (Annex A to F) nor paid amount of arrears.
5. Therefore, as justice demands I once again request to the Chairperson that
Secretary IT /Telecom and MD TP may kindly be directed to adopt remaining
Government of Pakistan Finance Division (Regulating Wing) office memorandum
(enclosed) and pay arrears to all pensioners/regular staff of TIP Haripur without further
Dated:- Yours Sincerely,

Gulfraz Awan
Cell: 0331-5736303/0345-5221445